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  • Originally posted by BONZ View Post
    Actually, I keep really short rest times through the whole workout. One of the guys at work will usually jump in and follow me through my routine, as soon as he's done with a set I'm usually right back under the weight.
    You mean during heavy squats as well? I do starting strength and rippetoe says you can rest up to 7 minutes. I usually do 4
    well then


    • Originally posted by Gadsie View Post
      You mean during heavy squats as well? I do starting strength and rippetoe says you can rest up to 7 minutes. I usually do 4
      I need to buy that book, I've seen it praised highly. I caught a minor back injury (small muscle strain) a little while back, since then I've been a little gunshy when it came to squats. Keep this in mind, I'm severely lacking in hip and ankle flexibility. My high mark was 360 lbs for five, but this was at parallel not below. After the back thing, I dropped the weight way down. 270 lbs or below. This does allow me to get lower, but it doesn't drain me out like the heavier weight did. Now my reps are a little more intense, and the rest time is way down. If you're reading Rippetoe don't worry about what I'm doing! haha You can be sure he's got you on the right track. I'm making half of this up as I go, based on pain and recovery time feed back I'm getting along the way. If I get stuck in a rut or something seems to be more or less effective, I'll modify and see where it takes me. Take for example the pullup routine, I just this last week started doing the "Armstrong Method" which is a 5 day a week thing. I modified my last exercise during the M-W-F routine, moving the dips to after the pullup program, and added the pullup program to Tuesday and Thursday. The Marine in me says I need to get back over 20 pullups, and Armstrong developed this program specifically for Marine PFTs. I'll see where that takes me and go from there.
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      • Originally posted by canes84 View Post
        April 2011, 180lbs.:

        June 2012 138lbs.:

        I embarked on the primal journey in November 2011. I had poked around this forum for about 2 years before committing. My only regret is not committing on day 1. I crossfit 4-6 days a week and now eat primal 80/20.
        Wow, awesome. You're making me want to switch teams again.
        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


        • Originally posted by WeldingHank View Post
          I am a ... Level 1 certified Krav Maga practicioner and no longer a diabetic

          DUDE. You rock!!!!!
          carl's cave


          • You all continue to inspire me to be my best!! Great Job!!


            • Everyone looks so good!

              canes84 what a difference! Primal and Crossfit are like magic for your body


              • I somehow got up to 85kg when I couldn't work for a period of time. Lost the first 10kg or so through a conventional diet and the other 10kg on a PB woe.

                The first pic was about 3 months in after I had lost about 7kg through just eating what I was eating normally but halving the quantities. lol.

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                • Almost one month in. The puff face pic is exactly 6 weeks ago and the new one is yesterday. Huzzah.
                  fat face.jpgnormal face.jpg


                  • just for reiterations sake:

                    1) go to, imageshack, or another photo-hosting site.
                    2) set up an account with a username of your choice.
                    3) upload before and after pics to the site
                    4) use direct link code that it will give you.
                    5) insert that direct link code in between [ img ] (put your direct link code here) [ /img ] (with no spaces)
                    6) profit
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                    • Whoops! I didn't know. Thank you.

                      fat face
                      normal face


                      • No worries! Just trying to make it easier on everybody...moderation can take days sometimes.
                        Liberalism: ideas so good they have to be mandatory.


                        • You look great, btw.
                          Liberalism: ideas so good they have to be mandatory.


                          • Definitely a difference sissychops! You look great!
                            You don't have to be sick to get better.
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                            • 10 lbs and counting

                              I'm shy, so no before pics's me 10 lbs lighter and 3 months into the Primal way of life.


                              I kinda wish I had before pics. There has been quite a noticable difference. Working hard, eating great, feeling fantastic.
                              The Foxhunting Friesian


                              • Not a big poster here - do a lot of lurking, though. I started eating primal in August of last year.

                                A reminder of the before:

                                And last Monday:

                                That's fifty pounds of difference.