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  • primalclay, i can't see the attachments. :/ we'll just have to wait patiently.
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    • Hello Grokstars,
      I'll apologize now for this being way too long. I can't talk about the primal blueprint and keep it short at the same time. After getting so much inspiration from all of you and your stories and pics I felt that I must pay it forward. So, here are my progress pics live and in person on the internet. I know that I am part of the primal community because I eat bacon every day and I eat chocolate every day. My pants are all way too big and I have bacon grease stains on most of my t-shirts. I'm 5'10-1/2"ish and 45 years old this month. Day 1 was Sept 19, 2011 at 274 lbs. I didn't feel like 274 lbs but I sure looked like a big giant fatass in those pictures. These pics are on Feb 17, 2012 after 21 weeks of the primal good life, probably 95% or better most weeks. I weighed 236 lbs when I took these pics on Feb 17th. I weigh 233 today. Thanks for helping me lose 40 lbs peeps.

      I have all the same stories as the rest of you. I feel great, joint pain is virtually gone, blood pressure is down more than 20 points, energy levels are way up and steady all day, I can easily fast for 24 hours 2 or 3 times per week. I can do 40 push ups in one shot on a good day, I walk 3 to 4 miles per day and I can do 1-3/4 pull ups. I can do 20+ squats with virtually no knee pain, this was literally impossible 22 weeks ago. I coach my kids' sports and I actually get out there and run with them at practice now. The only thing that primalness has not cured for me is allergies. I haven't had any noticeable illness this winter. My wife and kids (10 and 12) are also primal and loving it. There is a huge difference in the kids' energy levels and performance levels in sports. They have also slimmed up and leaned out noticeably. Every time we start to get a cold or sniffles it is gone in a day or two.

      The ultimate key to my success and real improvements in energy levels and fasting was to give up my fear of fat. Embrace the fat. Love the fat. Eat the fat. I rarely eat chicken, turkey or lean pork now. I always eat high fat foods at every meal, applewood smoked bacon, pastured eggs, grass fed beef, or grass fed pork butt/shoulder, almonds, avocado and raw whole milk. It took me 8 or 10 weeks to figure out that I feel way better with more fat. We cook everything in bacon fat. I ain't kiddin!

      I continue to be amazed with the ease of this program. I do not feel deprived, on a diet or any other negative feeling that people have when they are suffering through a DIET. My treats nowadays is decaf coffee with raw whole milk and a square or two of dark chocolate with bacon in it. Mmmmm. Or some red wine or a pina colada.

      What is my goal? I've already surpassed my goal to feel happy, healthy, ALIVE and in control of my body. I know better than to set a goal weight because I've watched too many of you zoom past your goal weight to weigh what you weighed in Jr High or whatever. So, I'll weigh what I'm going to weigh, I don't really care. I feel so good right now that I just really can't imagine it getting better. But, the great part is that I know it will. As soon as I can see abs I'm going to send my success story in to Mark.

      Keep Grokkin!

      2012-feb-17 mv front1 during.jpg2012-feb-17 mv side during.jpg2012-feb-17 mv front2 during.jpg2012-feb-18 noshirt2 during.jpg2012-feb-18 noshirt1 during.jpg


      • Here are the before pics

        fat May 2010.jpgfat Jul 2011.jpgfat May 2011.jpg


        • Oh, and how could I forget to mention that I recently bought TWO pair of Vibrams. A dress pair and a casual pair. Wife and kids tried them on and had to get a pair too! I love em!


          • Wow Everyone! Truly amazing progress, Hard to believe what you see on the internet but I was led to the site by my uncle who lost 50 lbs in 2011 and is the lightest I have ever seen him so I know it works. I started Primal on new years day and am down 20 lbs so far. So far with no exercise (read the Chapter on no stupid mistakes about a week too late after breaking my foor Jan 8. Hopefully I ccan get too exercising soon and see some more progress.

            Congrats to all who posted and all the success stories!


            • Foot (not foor) sorry


              • Wow. This thread...I'm so inspired! Congratulations to everyone who has changed their life for the better!

                I took my "before" picture this morning; I plan on posting here again with progress and/or an "after" picture later this year.


                • It's a picture of a mirror

                  Originally posted by thanatos View Post
                  ...and got your tattoo moved from left to right too!!


                  • Nice going BuffDV! Welcome to the tribe!
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                    • Great to finally see the pictures showing up - you guys have had GREAT results keep it up!!
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                      • Originally posted by PrimalClay View Post
                        I have been asked a few times for some full body pictures since I posted my 120+ pound weight loss pictures and Primal couple at Christmas photos but I have never really goten around to it.

                        Tonight I found an awesome bacon t-shirt at Target and thought to heck with it, might as well bug my wife to take a couple shots.

                        For reference I put some late 2010 pictures in. I was around 340 pounds, in 5 months I lost 100 pounds and over the last 13 months I am down about 130 ish. On the scale I am still around 220 but have been weight lifting a lot. As long as the size 36 jeans stay baggy I am happy. I would like to drop some more but I am taking it nice and slow now.

                        So without further ado I present me, 20 minutes ago, after a long day at work and then with the 3 small kids and pregnant wife, after big dinner, and shot with an Iphone (not exactly glamour shots). I had to flex btw, I am after all wearing a bacon shirt!

                        DUDE! Nice work. Seriously.
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                        • Originally posted by falcar View Post
                          It's a picture of a mirror
                          Well der.....It's called humour.


                          • primalclay - you're looking awesome. Your calves and forearms especially are looking super muscular. You have the best success story by far that I've seen on this site. And I love your reasons for achieving what you've achieved.

                            Grok on!
                            F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.


                            • Holy crap... go you, everybody!
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                              • Are these last two posters bots?

                                I just can't see the pictures that they post, they are brand new, their names are similarly configured, and they show up often in threads together.
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