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  • Thanks.
    I was always big, but has never been easy former to be lean.
    I will dig up a real before pic from when I was at my heaviest.

    Looking fwd to living a more Paleo lifestyle and getting that last 30lbs off.

    I have seen a lot of inspiring stuff in this thread.


    • A work in progress. One month, 30lbs, and feeling great. The top two are from a month ago.


      • Originally posted by Patrick View Post
        Seriously, Mikey. You already look like a brick shit-house! In a few weeks/months, you'll truly be a tank. . . .wrapped in flesh.

        Looking forward to seeing your follow-up pictures!
        Damn straight! Some serious iron's been pumped there
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        Originally posted by tfarny
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


        • Thank you. I have Put some time into to gym. Now I want my 6 pack back

          And now here is a pic of me from Oct of 2009 just before I got back to gym and started to eat clean (far less carbs).

          I am really hoping to be 80% primal soon and thinking that should help me shed the 30 to get to under 10% bf. It better

          Still need to get rid of that distended bloated abdomen look. Still have it but not to the degree in this pic obviously when I was probably 275lbs.
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          • Originally posted by bbaker6212 View Post
            No, no. Not complaining. I think the Big-5 HIT routine works amazingly well (at least for me) considering the time investment. I was hoping I'd gain a bit more muscle size though this routine I think gives more gradual results. I'm just impatient for results. Gotta change that mindset. I'm probably close to my genetic potential anyway , so any progress will likely be gradual. Anyway, I have lots more time for outdoor play and less boring time in the gym. ;-)

            One thing about the Big-5 and HIT in general. What you gain in time savings, you pay for in pain, if you do it correctly. The muscle burn is very intense , so this routine may not be for everyone.
            30mn in the gym 1x per week is no where near enough for a moderately trained person to gain muscle. I don't care what the book says
            Maybe good for a person with no training for about 6 months or so.


            • I'm gaining muscle and getting lean on 4 min twice per week. Go kettlebell swings, go!
              August 2010: 207 lb, 37" waist, 25+% BF | Currently: 177 lb, 33" waist, ~15% BF

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              • Just an update ... going on 2 years since I lost 100 pounds or so. Most recent pic taken all sneaky like by one of the coaches at CrossFit Oakland.

                Not thrilled about the chin. I've still got lots of loose skin and moobs I'd love to get rid of. Hoping to fill out a bit with some strength training.

                This is last year:

                2 years ago when I'd just lost the weight:

                3 years ago (still working on it)

                4 years ago

                So if I keep doing CrossFit maybe I'll actually post some shirtless pics here. Not sure how much muscle I could hope to put on in my 40s now ... but still trying.

                I've been staying pretty strict paleo except for some cheese now and then, my last weakness! I seem to have been trying to get rid of the "last 10 pounds" longer than it took to get rid of the 100. I think I'm too terrified to gain it back to touch any grains or sugar. Maintaining was always the bugger when I've lost weight before. I've found I can keep myself full with high fat stuff like coconut milk, avocado, eggs, and my favourite food is chard cooked in chopped up pancetta. (with, I admit, some balsamic vinegar)
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                • Kestral, your pics always blow me away. And you've kept the weight off for 2 years! Congrats.
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                  • Took me 3-4 hours over as many nights to finally get to the end of the thread. Inspirational stuff, everyone. Glad I finally finished it; was waiting for someone to ask me why I was sleepy at work, only to reply "I was up late last night on the internet looking at pictures of dudes with their shirts off. Wait.... that didn't come out right."

                    Will be back in a few months to pay it forward.


                    • Are more pics in order? I re lost about 6 pounds to boot. Maybe I should keep myself motivated by posting my current pic.
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                      • More pics are always in order! Here are some for the slow loser crowd like me:

                        Same outfit, about 12lb difference from Nov 2010 to Jan 2012. In between, though, my binge eating and EXTREME sugar addiction disappeared. Much work is being done that is helping to ensure that my loss STICKS. Even better than the thinner upper arms, thighs, glut, trunk. It's hard to be patient, but I'm consoling myself with the reality that I haven't been without cravings in over 15 years, but now I am. The health changes are adding on years and years of healthy life to my time - it's enjoyment of my final years, not just numbers, that I'm investing in. Health!!

                        And for kicks, yesterday tried on the 20 year old cheerleading uniform:

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                        • Mamagrok, your progress is AMAZING! congrats!


                          • Originally posted by MamaGrok View Post
                            And for kicks, yesterday tried on the 20 year old cheerleading uniform:
                            Well, hello nurse. You are looking fantastic and great smile! I'm glad you are feeling as great as you look.


                            • Originally posted by MamaGrok View Post
                              Amazing difference - My favorite thing is just how much HEALTHIER you look in the after pictures! Way to go!
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                              • Love these pictures!! Thank you so much for posting them. I've never made it all the way through this thread, but when I see a new post I usually start at the back and visit a few middle pages at random. So much hard work here. Very inspirational. xoL