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  • Adam - great progress you made in 3 weeks. Your belly is way less bloated and distended. You can even tell that eventually you will have an awesome 6 pack. I totally see it in your future.
    Originally posted by L8F
    ... I drank the fermented koolaid, and am totally on board...

    I'm alergic to carbs - they make me break out in fat!


    • Adam - yep, that belly is going bye bye! When I first looked at the pics, I thought they were taken the same day and went back and forth because the second looked so much better and I thought it was camera angle


      • It really is ridiculous how much sugar and grain-based treats I ate over Christmas. I could tell just walking down the stairs that my fat was the loose/jiggly/sugary kind. I was ashamed. My belly had bloated and my face was puffy. I've got a ways to go, but the journey has started.

        Thanks for the comments. I can't imagine a six-pack, but I hope I get one!
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        • Originally posted by Kimelah View Post
          It can just sit in that corner all by its lonesome self until it apologizes.

          Your face! It has emerged! Cheekbones!! Awesome!
          Now where's the rest of you? Eh?
          Ok.. as promised Kimelah:

          Lol.. please ignore the face.. I was trying to get my camera to work. :P


          • @kalel213
            Wow huge difference. What do you eat?
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            • Whoops, I forgot to reply!

              Originally posted by Ayla2010 View Post
              Wow great
              Did you drop dairy too?
              I did not, but I didn't generally do a lot of dairy before going primal, either. Right now I'm trying to dial it in by removing the last vestiges of dairy and using coconut milk instead. I'm probably going to make an exception for kefir though.

              PS, Every time I see your user name, I wonder... Chrono Trigger, or Clan of the Cave Bear??

              Originally posted by datto54 View Post
              awesome work!!! your gonna smash that last after photo - but what a huge difference!!!
              Thanks -- nothing compared to the shots that have been posted since I did, though! Holy cats you guys are amazing.

              I'm looking forward to seeing my "after" shots when my 8-week fitness challenge is over. I'm on week 2, doing good with primal, and working my butt off. I almost did five full push ups today!!
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              Originally posted by vontrapp
              CoWorker: What? Cmon live a little.
              Me: No thanks, I'd rather live a lot.


              • Clan of the Cave Bear


                • I'm loving and still learning how to be Primal. I'm still a work in progress, but this my visual progress so far.

                  The picture on the left was taken yesterday January 22, 2012 weighing in at 198, the one on the right is from December 6, 2011 weighing in at 209.
                  My goal at the moment is to get down to 175 and see if a 6 pack shows at that weight, if not drop some more weight till it does. ;-)

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                  • I've spent a bit of time looking at this wonderul thread and am only up to page 59, I thought I would post my before photos here as I am still waiting for them to be put on the new success stories in the making page

                    Hopefully it won't be long before I can post some during photos.

                    The photos are on my blog at

                    Well done to those who have achieved so much, you are truely inspiring and the support and encouragement shown by others is absolutely amazing.
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                    • great change quick, PKing!
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                      • PK, Not only has your belly gone down but look at the upper arms. Muscles. Are you lifting?


                        • nice work, primal king!
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                          • Originally posted by tapper47 View Post
                            PK, Not only has your belly gone down but look at the upper arms. Muscles. Are you lifting?
                            Thanks everyone.

                            I am lifting. I'm doing the Big 5 that Dr. Doug McGuff teaches. It is High Intensity Training, 5 exercises one set to failure.
                            I do one set of each Bench Press Machine, Shoulder Press, Lat pull down, Cable rows, and Leg press, in a 8-12 rep range. I lift every 3 days and give myself plenty of time for recovery. Each time I lift I try to increase my reps till I get to 12 and then I raise the weight on the next workout once I hit 12 reps.
                            My resistance training takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
                            You know where You are? You're in the jungle baby!!! You're gonna die!!!


                            • Love this thread, great work everyone! Will try and get some pics up later today when I get home from work.


                              • Ok, well here are some progress pics. Started PB to try and cure my lifelong digestion issues and drop a bit of weight. Seems to be working for both pretty well so far I noticed my weight starting to creep up, and at my heaviest I was around 200lb, about 6'0" or 6'1" tall. In the "after" photos I'm around 177. This is after 4 months of PB and bodyweight exercises, including a lot from You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. Still working on that six pack Also, I didn't have any good before that one is about as good as it gets.



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