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  • Originally posted by Sanas View Post
    Walteri, your pix make me think this: how many potential hunks are all around us, smothered in a fat coating?


    • Looking great as always, Mal. Your hair is SO CUTE like that! I've always wanted to try braided pigtails, but I'm totally incompetent at doing anything with my hair.


      • Originally posted by walteri View Post
        I am pretty new here but here is my before and after. The after was taken a month ago or so.

        Damn, nice work. You have to feel so much better without that spare tire around your waist..

        @Mal, what a difference a year makes, you're looking jacked!


        • So I have been lurking since last summer. In that time, I have been experimenting with different ways of eating, as well as different ways of training. After hitting the 50+ pounds lost mark, I figured I would share my progress here, as I lean more towards the primal side of things. Butter on my veggies and heavy cream in my coffee keeps me from eating half a bar of dark chocolate for lunch.

          The "before" - 235ish, size 18 (a tight, plus size 18).
          The "during" - just breaking into the 170s for the second time in my adult life. Size 12/14.

          I have been fat my whole life, a "healthy" vegan-leaning vegetarian for 8 years, and a sufferer of PCOS, migraines, and chronic back pain. In my mind, I had everything stacked against me; the reality, however, is that adapting to this lifestyle has been effortless and even fun. I lift weights a couple of times a week, get in as much low-level activity as I can, and practice yoga 4-5 times a week. Not too easy, nor too stressful and undoubtedly sustainable.


          • Wow, gesso! What a difference! Congratulations!
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            • @Meganoff - Looking great! Loved the youtube video. Had my wallet out before I realized it's difficult to properly tip through the computer screen!

              @Gesso - Awesome! A little more color to that outfit and a smile is all you're missing.

              @Walteri - Well done!! Keep it up playa.

              @Mal - Looking great, as always. Praying that your health is improving along with your physique!


              • Sanas,

                Isnt that the truth, I cant believe how the whole primal living has effected my life, not only body comp but just energy level and everything.


                • Originally posted by Bane View Post
                  Hmm. It's also in both brands of heavy cream I buy.
                  I found some heavy cream at whole foods in a little yellow jug/jar without carrageenan. It was only $2.69 or something, which is saying a lot for whole foods, lol.
                  Type 1 Diabetic. Controlling blood sugar through primal life.

                  2012 Goals:
                  Maintain A1c of 6.0 or lower
                  More dietary fat, less carbs, moderate protein
                  LHT and sprint as per PB fitness
                  Play more!


                  • Originally posted by meaganoff
                    Promised myself I would do this. Today is the end of mine and my husband's Beach Ready 30 (basically about 95% Whole 30 compliant), and 2/28 will mark 3 months of us being Primal (but we'll be on vacation), so I thought I would post some Before and During pics --no way I'm stoppin' now!!

                    I don't have as many detailed stats on the hubs, but he did give me permission to post this. We both went Primal in December; sorry I don't have an interim pic.

                    I'd wish I'd gotten a side pic of him earlier - he's a bit shy - I don't think the pics really do him justice.

                    I'm actually feeling a little tubby this week - I went a little insane with the LaraBars when I find out they were Whole 30 approved. Hubby says I need to enjoy the victory more - and I really should - but all I can think about is getting serious about IF when we get back from vacation! Want to get to crazy hot, ripshizzld status before summer!
                    Wow,,great job both of you! Youre going to enjoy that vacation even more now! Unfortunately,,i was too chicken to take "BEFORE" pics.


                    • meaganoff, gesso, walteri: y'all are GROKKIN' it!

                      meaganoff: that's a big body comp. change in just a short time from a change in diet. your hubs looks at least 10 years younger!

                      gesso: you've got to be over the moon to be in your 170s for only the second time as an adult. you've got a cute style.

                      walteri: well, HELLO to you!
                      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


                      • gesso I LOVEEEEE your black & white shoes, love love love!!! your making great strides, youre becoming a new person!!
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                        • Hi everyone!
                          Looooongtime lurker, but I guess it's finally time to screw my courage to the sticking place and show off my transformation. It's not as drastic or impressive as some, but it's made me happy nonetheless!
                          First pic is August of 2009, generally SAD diet with only some grains, chronic cardio every day at 5:30 am before work (and I am NOT a morning person), etc. The kicker for me is that I was also doing some serious weight lifting (deadlifts, squats, arm work). I felt fairly strong at the time, probably with a BW of about 145-148 at 5' 3".

                          I unfortunately don't truly have a picture from the start of my transformation, but my boyfriend and I joined our local CrossFit in April 2010, and then went Primal in May 2010. We've been trying a more Paleo-type diet the last few months, but I've been straying a little too much with cheats, so we're refocusing our efforts to continue our success. This second picture was taken mid-January 2011.

                          Lastly, here's me and the gunshow, from today (haven't even gone to the gym yet!).

                          In less than a year of living Primal, I am down a dress size and a half, the smallest I've ever been in my adult life, and, even more important to me, way STRONGER than I ever was on the SAD diet. I hit a 20-lb PR on my back squat the other day, posting a 203-lb squat and I only weigh 135!
                          I'm also going for my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification in less than a month, so I can help others reach the level of success that I feel I have been able to achieve. Thank you Mark and everyone on this board for your inspiration, advice, and good common sense.
                          Grok on!


                          • Not as drastic or impressive? Are you kidding? You're hotter than a side of bacon.


                            • Originally posted by canio6 View Post
                              Not as drastic or impressive? Are you kidding? You're hotter than a side of bacon.
                              dipped in dark chocolate.
                              Originally posted by runnergal
                              You just didn't define Healthy Whole Grains properly. Many steak recipes refer to cutting "against the grain" when slicing. Therefore beef has grains. If you eat everything on your plate, you have eaten the whole thing. Eating an entire steak is eating healthy whole grains.


                              • Ahoy, what a noticeable. Difference. On your arms, belly., and upper legs!

                                Sorry, dumb phone
                                5'4" 39yo mother to five sweeties & married to their AMAZING DaddyGrok
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                                Bench: 130lb__________________________________________Pre ss: 85lb
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