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I'm the only one not sick!

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  • I'm the only one not sick!

    Hello everyone,

    I've been Primal for about a month and a half.
    5 days ago my entire family came down with the flu. I'm around 80-85% Primal, and perfectly healthy! I couldn't believe it. They're all confined to their beds and blankets, and I'm doing intervals on the way to the dairy!
    My brother is usually the healthy one, he hardly ever gets sick. But right now he's in bed, as sick as the rest of them. Of course, now I've got to do all the chores, and get them hot drinks and tissues!

    I love not being sick!


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    Every year the plague goes around my workplace, and every year I'm the only one not afflicted. I absolutely love it.


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      Me an my partner lived in my brothers house for 8 months in 2011/2012. We shared every room of the house (except our bedrooms, we're not weirdos!) with my brother, his wife and their two teenage kids. Everyone of them got colds/flu at least 3 times while we were there. Except of course, me and my girlfriend, who eat primal, and haven't been ill once since 2007.

      But no-one would accept that it was our diet that was protecting us. You wouldn't believe some of the reasons they'd come up with for us not getting ill. But of course, it was never the food.
      My Journal: Englishman In Oz, Skinny to Muscle in a Primal Way