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Primal CW Reaffirmed: the Fat is Key!

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  • Primal CW Reaffirmed: the Fat is Key!

    Back in the summer of 2010, I adopted a primal lifestyle. I lost 15 pounds of stubborn belly fat and at 5'7, 135 pounds, I was a size 4. More importantly, I had tons of energy and just felt great. Over the next two years, I got pregnant, had a miscarriage, was on hormone treatments and--let's be honest--got off track and found myself at 160.

    Perhaps due to a friend's recent weight loss success using conventional means, I decided to go the same route (you know the drill: counting calories, keeping fat at a minimum, etc., etc.). I nearly drove myself crazy with the calorie counting and, because I cannot exercise right now, the calorie amount I was given by livestrong was very low (below 1500 to lose a pound a week). I was starving, found myself wanting to snack and binge (something I'm not used to) and all around miserable. Oh yeah, and after three weeks of this, I had lost a pound and a half.

    I then tried for a couple of days to eat lower carb without too much fat. That was better, but not much. Still starving, little movement on the scale. It was only when I added the fat that the pounds came off pretty steadily, roughly .4-.6 pounds per day and I've lost an inch in both my waist and hips. I know it may not be this steady all the way to my goal, but I am pleased and know from past experience that it yields results.

    So lesson learned: I won't count calories and I will eat fat!!

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    YAY for fat!

    CW-minded people's aversion to fat seems so surreal to me now. They preach the gospel of 'everything in moderation,' without actually practising it - blithely eating twice as much carbs as their body needs and practically zero fat! Fat is where the vitamins are. Fat is the part that makes it taste nice. When you are losing body fat, it means your body is running mainly on saturated fat! Why on earth would it be inherently bad for you? The fact is that it's not inherently bad, neither are carbs, getting the balance right is what works. The balance for most people is to eat plenty of it, and if they need to cut down on calories to lose weight, cut out the one thing the body can do without, which is an excess starch/sugar.

    After 5 months of Primal, I am now doing the GAPS diet to heal food intolerances. This diet is based around animal proteins/fats and is very low on carbs/fibre. I'm still losing weight and have never felt better!
    Start weight: 238 lbs (March 2012)
    Current weight: 205 lbs (July 2012)
    Loss so far: 33 lbs!!!
    WOE: Primal + IF
    Movements: Hiking, sprinting.
    Goal: to see my abs some time in 2013!