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First post - having great success so far!

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  • First post - having great success so far!

    I've been primal for about 3 months now and started my journey while I was already pretty thin and in decent shape - I was 6' 1" and about 175 and was bouncing back from a pretty serious health scare. Back in January I had a sudden GI bleed most likely brought on by chronic aspirin use, ibuprofen use from a recent injury, excessive drinking of green tea, and moderate alcohol use. Combined with working out hard, chronic cardio, and a "healthy SAD diet" I think my body broke down. Miraculously the bleeding stopped after a 3 day stay in ICU - the doctor could never find a bleed site.

    I was pretty frustrated because I was doing all the right things to be healthy and it backfired. I was working out, doing my cardio, taking aspirin for cardio health, eating my whole grains, etc. So I started the journey of recovery since I was anemic and pretty freaked out about what to put in my body. I had to take a break from the gym because I didn't have the energy.

    I then came across MDA on the Karen DeCoster blog and the rest is history. I jumped right into the lifestyle with the biggest change being that I dumped the grains, beans, soy, and sugar. so now my diet is essentially meat, vegetables, eggs, whole fat dairy, fruit, sweet potatoes, and cooking with olive oil and butter. I still enjoy the occasional wine and beer. I also quit the gym and work out at home. Overall I feel great with a lot of energy though I sometimes feel a little foggy - a may need to up my carbs (and my sleep).

    So now I'm down to about 168 in 3 months (I know - not a big difference) but my body composition has really started to change and my strength is really improving. I've gone from being "fluffy skinny" to actually building muscle and having definition. A few months ago I could barely do pullups or pullups; today I did a total combination of 69 chin-ups and pullups. Yesterday I did 143 push ups in 8 sets. I also hike about 10 miles a week and am looking at getting into more body weight exercises and maybe even kettle bells.

    So while I may not have dramatic weight loss, I can feel and see the difference!

    P.S. I have also turned my parent's primal and for the first time in years my dad's blood sugar is normal.

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    Welcome bdlee73!