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My 4 mile time.

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  • My 4 mile time.

    The Eagle Man Tri-Athletes were at the hotel I worked at a couple of weeks ago. After speaking with a good amount of them it got me in the mood to see if I could still run long distance at a good pace. In College when I was very unhealthy I ran 5-10 miles all the time. But that was all I did.

    I also have a 5K Rebel race July 7th I wanted to get ready for so I decided to start running 4 miles every now and then to see if I still had it in me and to try to improve my time as best as possible.

    Yesterday morning I ran 4 miles in 24 minutes and 15 seconds at a 6:04 mpm pace.

    This is by far the fastest I have ever completed 4 miles and it is great to know that eating sub 50g carbs a day hasn't caused me to lose time. For the Rebel Race I plan on eating a lot of potatoes the night before as well as 2 bananas the morning of.

    My plan is to win!!!