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    Been reading MDA for almost 6 months now - my weight loss / health journey began a little over a year ago. My first attempts were "guided" by Men's Health and specifically the ABS diet. Although I had weight loss success, I didn't feel very healthy and was having a lot of energy spikes, and ultimately crashes.

    I was introduced to MDA and primal/paleo lifestyles in September, and have continued to lean out, add muscle and lose fat - all while increasing the amount of food I eat. This being said, I need to lose that extra 5 to 10 lbs of fat while gaining muscle. I seem to be stuck at my current body composition, even though I've recently increased my daily calories.

    I have not read Mark's Primal Blueprint, but have read most of the articles on this site, including many postings (great info!). I fully support and believe in all the concepts, but I'm not sure how "Primal" my lifestyle really is. So here's a sample;

    - Wake up, coffee with cream (38% - 0 carbs). Most mornings I don't eat breakfast if I'm not hungry. I'll drink cream until lunch, mostly with coffee. I get around 600 calories from this in a day.

    - lunch is usually a salad with Feta Cheese and chicken, olive oil and balsamic vinigrette.

    - More cream and old chedar, sometimes a grapefruit

    - Supper is usually bacon, eggs, pork, pot roast (maybe with root veggie, mostly mushrooms), etc.

    - I'll snack on old cheddar, and usually end up cooking up more eggs and bacon.

    I walk 25 min to and from work - some days I sprint up the hill and almost collapse at the top. I "lift heavy" 3 to 4 times a week (squats, push-ups with variations, chin-ups, stair climbs, etc.)

    Looking to "tighten" my routine. I know cheese is not primal, but it says 0 carbs on all cheeses I eat. I tolerate dairy, but only drink cream - no lactose.



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    You can't lose while increasing calories... right?

    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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      Well...I'm a bit confused about that. I recently upped my calories after being on a plateau for a few months...and I seem to be "losing" again.

      Not sure if it's just temporary. I might have been undereating? I was keeping it in the 2000 range since December. Now increased to 2400-2600. I'm 5,10', 30 year old male - 175lbs.

      Carbs between 20 and 50 daily.



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        Hi PrimalJ! I'm glad to hear your story, we're just about the same demographic. I'm a 5'9.5", 33 year old male, at 180 before the PB, and 153 now.

        Your diet and routine actually sound pretty close to my own. The only big exception I can see is that I don't eat any dairy products except a bit of cow's milk kefir every few days (and butter of course -- that goes on everything).

        Other people here have reported dairy slowing their weight loss, so perhaps try cutting down or excluding it? Not that it's an easy habit to lose. I made the switch with the help of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, which I've come to enjoy far more than cow's milk.

        If you want to spice up your exercise routine, check out

        Good luck. Looking forward to hearing your progress!


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          I started at 226 lbs and very little of that was muscle. Still getting use to it all. My main reason for moving into a more "primal" lifestyle was health, not weight loss. Started looking at fish oils and one thing led to another. My entire family is worried and think I'm starving myself, but the truth is I've never eaten more or had more energy.

          I'm a bit worried about the upcoming summer - a friend and I like to play Tennis 5 times a week for 3 to 7 hours each session. Just can't stand being indoors and both love the game and sweating it out. Lets just say I'm use to carbing it up during such now that I'm "primal", I don't really know how to approach a 5 hour marathon of high intensity tennis.

          My goal for the next 2 months:

          1. Lose fat tissue to reveal abs (all the pushups and planks have really made a difference here). I can see the top two abs nicely, the mid not so much, and none of the bottom set - which is where I seem to be holding my fat.

          2. Gain strength and muscle mass

          3. Increase Vo2 max, which I think sprinting up the hill is doing.

          Overall health is my goal here - but it would be nice to lose the extra fat and be fit and lean for once. I really don't know what to think about calories...since upping them I havn't "gained" weight and seem to be losing again. Not sure how long that will last, because I've also increased the intensity of my workouts.

          I also don't know how many calories I should be eating, and I don't really count (once in a while on fitday just to "index" my days - I generally know what my food contains after a year of counting).

          As for dairy, I thought that lactose was the problem? Both cream and cheese say 0 carbs - is this missleading?




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            I'm going to try eliminating the cheese for 2 weeks to a month see where that goes - but it won't be easy! So far everything has been so easy...

            Any ideas for long athletic sessions (tennis) and sustained energy?



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              I would suggest cutting out the cheese and heavy cream until you are at your goal. Those aren't the mainstay of the PB diet...they are kind of "extras" that you can add back in if they work for you.

              You could substitute something like celery with almond butter or a handful of walnuts for your cheese snacks.


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                Holy s**t Julien! You were at 226?!
                Good for you coming down from there. You look great these days!
                (Julien is a colleague and friend of mine.)

                Still looking forward to your pics. (But I'll wait until you are ready to post ;em.)