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Time to Keto-Adaptation?

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  • Time to Keto-Adaptation?

    Hi--Just started PB about a week ago (going pretty well so far...CHO haven't been as low as I'd like, since I'm away from home for the week, but all days have been below 125g with at least 30 minutes of intense exercise each trying to lose weight, btw).

    My question(s)...I'm a marathon runner, just returning from injury, so no major mileage yet, but since marathon running is already a 'compromise', I'm trying to train while maintaining low-carbs (instead of adding in 100g CHO/hr intense exercise, as Mark suggests). First off, I'm hoping this will help me drop pounds more quickly, but also, I'm hoping that within a few weeks (2-3?), I will be fat-adapted, and my endurance levels won't suffer (as per the Phinney elite cycling study that was done a few years ago, if you've heard/read about that).

    Does anyone know how long (roughly) it takes to become fat-adapted, and how would you know that you finally are? Would you just, one day, feel more energized running??? I know I won't be able to maintain high speeds while low-carbing (I can already tell from my workouts), but I figured this was as good a time as any to experiment since I lost most of my speed while injured, anyway.

    Also, most days this past week, I've been eating around 90-100g CHO/day. Would keto-adaptation occur more quickly if I lowered to 50g or below, or does it really matter? I guess I should specify that my #1 priority is losing weight, even above running, so if my running performance suffers for a bit, sobeit...

    I've read about a few people 'training low, racing high' with regards to carbs, so I'm hoping I can get this to work for me. Last question, if I 'race high', i.e. eat carbs for races, should I just consume some high GI ones right before the race (assuming half-marathon or shorter), and run off those sources, or should I start eating carbs the night before? And if I decide to 'race high', would this set me back in the keto-adaptation process, or stop my weight loss (despite the calories expended in the race)? I have a 10K scheduled for this Saturday...


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    I'm puzzled about the same thing. I'm going to the Solvang Century on Saturday. No idea what to eat considering i'm on a "under 50 grams of carbs now"