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5 months Paleo/Primal - The results and the journey continues

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  • 5 months Paleo/Primal - The results and the journey continues

    What a fantastic journey the last 5 months has been. I started on Paleo/Primal in January 2012. I am (male) 6'3" and my starting weight was 255 lbs. I felt terrible. Tired all the time (exhausted). Diagnosed w/ sleep apnea and using a CPAP for 2yrs. Little to no exercise. Come home from work, eat, and on the couch I went.

    Today I feel great! Bodyweight or light cardio/bike/sprint exercises every day – avg. 30 mins. Active, energized, and much stronger. This morning I weighed in at 208 - down 47 lbs in just under than 5 months! Sleep apnea no more, no CPAP. Doc appt this afternoon to get my first round of blood test results since starting Paleo - comparing May 2011 to May 2012

    Tot Cholesterol: 225 to 180
    LDL: 143 to 125
    HDL: 55 to 42
    Tryg: 85 to 71

    The hardest part was the first 2-3 weeks as my body adjusted to complete dietary change (for the better - thank you Mark Sisson and this site for guidance and the books). Then my energy and progress just exploded.

    Is this a diet? Not anymore, never really was. It is a lifestyle. Cannot wait to see what where I am in another 5-6 months, 1yr, 3yrs, etc.
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    Glad to hear your success so far! I am just starting, and it gives me hope. On one hand, my blood sugar is more even, but my energy is low and i am not seeing much on the scale yet.


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      Your success gives me hope. My cholesterol numbers are about like yours. I plan on having them rechecked in 3 months to see what the differences are. Could I get answers from the expeienced you? Its not real easy finding direct answers on the daily apple, but love how its choked full of great info.
      1) I would like to know what you drink throughout an average day? I'm having a hard time drinking just water (and coffee with heavy cream in the am), I want milk really bad. And anything else. I'm not a pop lover though. Any suggestions?
      2) And snacks..... I'm ok with vegis, nuts, or fruit but I miss my greek yogart. Any suggestions here? I read somewhere on this sight that turkish yogart was ok but don't know where to find it.
      3) Have/do you use the Primal Fuel meal replacement? Or something similar?
      4) I'm afraid I'm not getting enough fiber. Have you had any issues with constipation? If so how did you remedy?


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        @ Rhonda...first, best wishes to you at the start of your journey. As I mentioned, the beginning was the hardest as you adjust yourself, your mind, and seek new options. Here are some replies.

        1. I have largely stuck with water, tea and black coffee (never had taken anything in my coffee in terms of milk or sugar, so that has been the easy part for me). For the most part, i have ditched soda/pop (I was a pretty frequent Coke drinker, so that was hard). I never really liked diet soda. On occasion, I will grab a Vitamin or Skinny water - obviously not a big fan of the sugar subs so those are very limited, but offer a refreshing, cold alternative. Also, the local mall has a juice bar, so that has provided a few options and/or some high quality juice (veg/fruit) @ whole foods or similar. With regards to number 4 below, because of the high protein in the diet you might have an issue if you do not get enough water in your body. I have had to push myself a bit to drink enough, but i just go about my day now and seem to be fine.
        2) I probably eat too much fruit and also especially nuts as snacks. I never focused on how many calories i was eating on Paleo - i just stuffed veggies, fruits, and nuts in as needed, then added the protein (in the form of eggs at breakfast) and various meets at dinner until i am satisfied. I have been no dairy - so i have not tried any yogurts. you can make your own frozen fruit ice pops or smoothies - those have served as my replacement for my pre-paleo ice cream . also, almond butter (as natural as you can find) is a good compliment to the veggies. For my snack i found the highest % dark cocao bars i could find and treat myself on rare occasion (if you have a sweet tooth - you need some outlet on occasion).
        3) I have not used Primal Fuel, but might give it a shot - have not felt like a needed to supplement.
        4) Have not really had an issue here. Lots of water. too much protein to fat ratio might be a cause. but i am no expert.

        best wishes. let me know if i can add any other thoughts.