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  • Healthy BMI reached!

    On Saturday March 3rd 2012 I stepped on the scale and weighed 213 Lbs - Yikes!

    At 5' 11'' that put my BMI at 29.7 - in the obese category! Although I know BMI has its drawbacks I had decided to use it as a gauge and set a goal of getting to a healthy BMI this year. That means I would need to get my weight down to 178 lbs.

    In April I became 60 years old and I felt like I really needed to focus on taking charge of my health.

    Over the years I have remained relatively fit - weight lifting, running, doing some marathons and triathlons punctuated with periods of inactivity. However during the last couple of years I had let my health slip and was really beginning to pack on the pounds.

    After much research I decided on the Paleo diet. Based on the science of fat loss I believed the evidence was compelling and there is no other diet that would enable me to reach my goals.

    Today I weighed in at 177 lbs for a weight loss of 36.8 lbs in 83 days! My Body Mass Index is now in the healthy weight category (24.7) and I must say I feel amazing.

    I have not yet checked my blood lipids (I will early next month) but my blood pressure when I started was 130/90 and now sits at 110/75.

    To see a history of my journey to health feel free to visit my Paleo Journey Diary on Facebook. Perhaps you will find some motivation in it.

    Paleo Journey - Diary of my experience eating the Paleo Diet | Facebook
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    Well done! BMI is just a benchmark like you said, but hey, lower is better. I've got 5 pounds left to go, myself...

    (Wait, I just double-checked the BMI chart, and I've actually got THREE pounds left to go. I hate when I brag wrong!)
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      Alright! And 36.8 in 83 days? You are rocking that weight loss!
      I'm retraining and strengthening my taste buds, one primal meal at a time.


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        Thanks Sean. I just weigh myself this morning and was down to 176.2 so the weight loss continues. I may end up plateauing at around 168, a weight I was at when doing some serious training at in my early thirties.
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          Its amazing to me how much weight I've lost so quickly. If someone told me previously they had lost this much weight in under 3 months I would have told them it was unhealthy, but on Paleo it feels incredibly healthy and energizing.
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            Good for you! You are an inspiration, and I thank you for that. Just liked your FB page...look forward to more!


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              Thanks jak757! Appreciate your visit. Wishing you all the best on your journey to health.
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                that's awesome, canuck!