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Buying Vibrams today! HELP!

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  • Buying Vibrams today! HELP!

    Which ones do I go with.


    5'9 190lb

    I like to hike and trail run. I would also like to use them for just everyday things?

    Just going by the website it looks like the KSO's are the way to go.

    Please give me your thoughts.

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    You are trying these on in person, right? Fit on these things is crucial and very picky. For example, even though my kso's were carefully fitted and seemed right in the store, I've since found them to be too long.

    KSO's are great for outdoors, but if you are like me, you may find that the ankle openings are too constrictive. I'm going with Treks when the weather warms up.

    Lots of people wear them all over, but I'm of the opinion that they are too expensive for high wear use and go with regular running shoes for normal casual wear.


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      My brother just got Treks and he loves them. Wears them everywhere. They are a little bit "heartier" than the KSOs, they have more to the sole and a kangaroo leather upper rather than the mesh. If you want to wear them in water then go for KSOs, but if you can spend about $25 more and would like a more "shoe-like" barefoot shoe try the Treks if you can.

      I personally have Sprints and 2 pairs of Classics. Love them. Won't wear anything else in the Spring/Summer/Fall...and next year when I get Flows I think I'll never wear "regular" shoes again They don't make Treks for women yet, otherwise I'd like to try them.

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        you need to try on, i'd say, two or even three different pair around your size. stores that carry them will have a special size thing to put your foot on. i actually had to go a size higher than what the foot measure thing indicated. take your time with trying them on too.


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          I will be trying them on in person. A shoe store 1 1/2 hours from me started carrying them a few months ago. I am making the trip today.

          So do they not hold up great for everyday use? I don't do much during the week.


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            I need the Sprints or something that is open so that I can assist my toes into their respective places (toes are hammered and not cooperative).

            I think Vibrams hold up pretty well for everyday use.