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PB side-effects?

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  • PB side-effects?

    Good morning folks. I'm new to the boards but not new to the Daily Apple. I just finished reading PB and have been actively practicing for the last 10 days.

    Background - I'm 39, 175 with 10% body fat (trying to get single digit). I'm currently on my third round of P90X, specifically week two. I plan to do this entire round primally in order to actively attack that last stubborn bit of fat covering my lower abs.

    I've been limiting my carbs to between 50-80 grams per day with a total fast on Friday's (Lent is the perfect opportunity for fasting). I guess my quetion is has anyone suffered side-effects in the early stages? I just haven't been feeling right but I can't seem to put my finger on the exact nature of the problem. Will this pass as my body becomes more attuned to primal nutrition?

    My workouts have been fine so I'm definitely fueled up enough. I just have a funny feeling in my head.

    Thanks for the help,