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Tonsilith problem solved!

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  • Tonsilith problem solved!

    Hey folks,
    Didn't know where to post this, but "success stories" looked like as good a place as any. Have been primal now for about two months and dropped from 197 to 179 lbs. I've been absolutely floored by the results and am proud to say that I don't even crave grain-based or processed foods anymore. The thing that's really blown me away is how much food I can actually eat without putting on pounds.

    Last night for instance I ate an entire head of broccoli with butter, pepper, lime juice and salt and a full rack of pork ribs. This morning, three eggs, two slices of ham and a whey protein shake with banana, mango and pineapple.

    But here's the fascinating part: Have any of you ever had tonsiliths? They are those supremely nasty little white balls of food that (for some) form and then get trapped in the crevices of the tonsils. They stink to high heaven, cause bad breath and are really gross.

    Since I radically changed my diet? Gone! I've been plagued by these nasty little critters for years, but haven't coughed up one stink ball since going primal. I know it's gross, but I'd be very interested to know if anyone else has experienced tonsiliths and whether the reported chronic inflammation caused by grains/processed foods may have caused my tonsils to become inflamed as well and trap food in the crevices.

    Thanks... And sorry if I spoiled anyone's lunch.

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    I used to experience those occasionally as well. NASTY. I haven't in the past 4 months though! Huzzah for being less disgusting!
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      I never knew what those were called and if anybody me ever had them. As a kid, I got them all the time, but I grew out of them as an adult.....
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        OH MY GOD I HATE TONSOLITHS SO MUCH!!! SOOOO!!! MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I totally have noticed that I havent gotten any in the past year as well! Or maybe ive gotten them but theyve been small and unnoticeable, unlike some of the giant, stinking, rattling-around-in-your-throat-when-they-come-loose-so-you-gag monstrosities ive had in the past.

        Have I mentioned how much I hate them?

        My reading on tonsoliths has indicated that they are the result of swelling and improper draining in the tonsils, which are a major organ in the lymphathic and immune systems. We already know how paleo/primal can be good for overall immune health, and reduced inflammation, so it makes sense to me that this problem would benefit as well.
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          Until I read this post I hadn't realized it, but yes since going primal mine have disappeared as well!


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            Curious as to why I still have this issue. Strict paleo for months, including no dairy. What gives? Any ideas or just that I have crappy tonsils


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              Ooh, I didn't know they had a name! I always used to get them as a kind of early warning I was about to get tonsillitis. Long before I tuned into Primal I was lucky enough to figure out it was actually sugar that seemed to set my tonsils off... though not before ending up with a lovely set of heavily scarred tonsils for doctors to be alarmed by!
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