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    Just starting

    I am just starting to look a Paleo. I actually have had a bowel resection (2 foot of colon gone). and two gastric by passes (the first doctor really screwed up). So I do take supplements my B12 and iron are constantly low. Although I have lost 140 lb would like to lose 20 to 30 additional lbs. My question to everyone is how do you do the veggies? I have to be very careful with veggies the do not sit well with my stomach. Will I be able to use paleo, feel better and succeed with changing how I eat?


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      Hi... Is anyone still active in this group? Or has it moved to another topic?

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        There is the facebook group now, but I am still here, just not as active on the forums as I used to be. Not sure about everyone else.


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          Is anyone still on this thread? I'm actually beginning my journey to gastric bypass or sleeve. I have been Paleo for over a year with a LOT of slips. Which is why I'm considering the surgery. Again. I've traveled down the road 6 times already and never went through with it. I believe now that it might be a necessary tool for me.

          Anyway, before I get too deep into things, I just wanted to make sure people were still posting here! Thank you! All of what I've read so far has been extremely helpful.


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            yes well--I am new to this site.. I had a roux-en-y about 11 years ago -- the smartest thing I ever did for myself-- lost a20 lbs with the surgery and have kept off 100 for the 11 years-- i am investigating primal due to the buzz about it being helpful for immune disorders-- as having been diagnosed with MS last year
            Why do you keep backing out of the surgery?


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              Hi all, discovered this thread and it prompted me to register (I've just been lurking before).

              I am about 15-years post RNY. I had my gall bladder out a few years after the bariatric surgery. I started at a high of about 225 and I once hit an adult low of 140. Now I'm at around 155. I think something around 135 would be an ideal weight for me (5'4" female) but I try not to worry about it too much- I'm giving these numbers for context more than anything. I've yo-yo'ed a lot in the 15 years since my surgery but never got into the scary territory that I was in (90+ lbs overweight and feeling like there was no end in sight).

              I started primal/paleo eating about 3 months ago and feel terrific when I stick to things. Here are a few things I've learned over the years and over the last few months:

              Carbs make me feel terrible. Due to dumping I had to lay off of most sugar-heavy foods, but for years I ate and tolerated bread, pasta, chips, etc. I also could build up some tolerance to sugars gradually over time (but cutting them out for a while puts me back to where I'm very sensitive). With starches/grains/bread/etc. I don't get sick in the post GB way... they just make me irritable, tired, sad, etc. I still want them and miss them (and sometimes eat them) but man-oh-man does getting ALL flour, bread, etc. out of my diet do wonders!

              Protein is a priority- especially in the morning. If I don't focus on ensuring I front-load protein, I get shaky/low-blood-sugary. This was hard for me to do for a long time (in the morning all I want is a bagel & coffee!)

              Fats are tricky but interesting! For years, I thought that I needed to focus on low fat eating to avoid really serious dumping (sweating, nausea, and "food coma" where I had to lie down and nearly pass out 20 minutes after eating). However, I've learned that the TYPE of fat and how I consume it really matter. Deep fried foods can absolutely destroy me but I can eat whole eggs scrambled in butter or ghee with the same amount of fat. Whole-fat cow's milk is a disaster (I can tolerate skim pretty well) but I do great with the even fattier substitutes of almond milk and coconut milk. (On the other hand, I can eat whole fat yogurt... not recommending dairy here-- just commenting on the variability of my tolerances). I can eat nuts like crazy (including macadamias) but not avocados in quantity...

              As a really busy, workaholic type, I've tended to eat for convenience-- trying to get prepared or restaurant foods in the past. A huge change has happened since I started spending a lot more time and effort on making my own meals. I've started to really zero in on understanding what kinds of foods in what combination makes me feel good... both in the short term (not dumping/feeling nauseated) and in the bigger picture (better energy, mood, overall feeling of health). I've been happy to learn that I can eat well in a very PB/paleo way, though I definitely go easier on some extra rich options which can still push me into feeling sick.

              I have found it hard for some PB/paleo advocates to understand any aversion to fats... they tend to assume it's a lingering belief in the bad nutritional dogma of the 70s that carries on today. I know they've never wound up sitting in the bathroom stall at a restaurant, drenched in sweat, shaking, wanting to lie down and be away from everyone!

              A great, recent experience for me was going on an elimination diet that started out very simple/low fat. I was eating exclusively vegetables, fish and chicken-- very simply prepared-- a little bit of oil for cooking/salads, but not much. From there, I started to add in different foods and to try different combinations... but gradually. This allowed me to figure out what fats work well for me (and helped me to finally realize that I actually DON'T tolerate dairy as well as I thought).

              Final note: I do take a bunch of supplements/vitamins daily and inject B12 monthly. I don't know how well I would do without all the vitamins now that I'm eating better but a long struggle with a B12 deficiency and anemia makes me feel like it's better to err on the side of supplements.


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                I'm new to the Primal Blueprint. In fact, I hadn't heard about it until my girlfriend told me about it, and I've decided I'm going to ease my way into it. I'm already mostly there, just a few things here and there that need to be adjusted in my daily regimen.

                A little about myself. I'm 6 years out from RNY, and fell off the prescribed diet for the last 3-4 years due to being in a very unhealthy relationship (one which I'm no longer in). During that time, I regained about 60 lbs. About 6 months ago, I started researching ways to get back onto the gastric bypass dietary regimen, and started with a 5-day pouch test. Since then, I've lost about 40 lbs, and am still another 65 from my goal weight.

                I have been roller-coastering in way too much, and after reading some on these forums and hearing what my girlfriend has told me about the Primal Blueprint, I'm ready to work my way into it. Small steps, like with anything, but with support, it'll be well worth it.


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                  So, I just found this thread and I'm hoping it's not completely gone! I'm here! I just had RNY in October 2014. I hope there are more people here because us folks who have had RNY and choose to go primal don't have a lot of info or support! So hellloooooooooo!!! Is anyone out there? I hope so! Let's all figure this out!


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                    Originally posted by sherrib4health View Post
                    So, I just found this thread and I'm hoping it's not completely gone! I'm here! I just had RNY in October 2014. I hope there are more people here because us folks who have had RNY and choose to go primal don't have a lot of info or support! So hellloooooooooo!!! Is anyone out there? I hope so! Let's all figure this out!
                    Hi! I was not on the original thread but I am here now so glad to see others with a similar philosophy. I am only about 2 weeks out from VSG (so still on the terrible liquid post op phase) but will begin "regular food" Tuesday as long as the doc clears me. I plan to obviously eat high protein, but will have some cheese and yogurt at least at first since they are high protein and generally easy to tolerate. However... I am "going with my gut" (pun intended) and sticking to as much grassfed, full fat, raw dairy as possible. The Splenda sweetened yoplait garbage cannot be good for human consumption and generally tastes like butt to me anyways lol.

                    Anyways long story short, I am so glad to hear there are others and primal can work for me in the future! If there are other groups let me know and feel free to pm me