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My NUMBERS after a little iver 3 months eating Primal

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  • My NUMBERS after a little iver 3 months eating Primal

    I had some blood work done this week this is what is going on in my body after over 3 months of eating a high fat hi protein low carb diet--with a good amount of beer on the weekends
    I have lost about 15 lbs and several inches and have gained some muscle
    I lift weights a few times a week---I am 5 11 and weigh 250-245 with a very good amount of muscle from past weight training throught my life--my goal is 205
    I hope to add some pics soon

    total chol= 180
    Total Chol/HDL=4.9
    Not so bad ---any thoughts?


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    Total C/HDL should be under 4.4 I believe. Your HDL should be higher but since you're only 3 months in it could just take time. Eat saturated fats and exercise will help raise your HDL, as well as supplementing vit D and fish oil.


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      I must mention after the last 3 almost 4 months I have not lost any more weight or that many inches it's very frustrating I must admit I lift weights I know I have gained muscle my strength has gone up but I have at least 50 lbs to lose I still weigh 250 at 5 11
      I do have a good amount of muscle. I keep my carb intake around 30 - 60
      Not sure what to do going to add interval training soon
      Any thoughts?


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        Getting more frustrated not loosing inches or weight--thinking of doing the Warrior diet paleo style!!


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          In your OP you say you've lost 15 pounds...
          In your last post you say you are frustrated b/c you're not losing inches or weight???
          You also admit to "drinking a good amount of beer on the weekends".

          First off 15 pounds in 3 months is a good amount of weight to lose; I'm somewhat surprised you have lost that if you're drinking beer on weekends. If you're trying to lose another 40-45 pounds, beer is not going to allow that to happen. You could probably get away with a single beer, or maybe even 2 (I doubt it though).

          If you're looking to lose that much weight, go Primal. All in.

          How much walking are you doing on a daily basis?

          Good luck!
          "Your actions speak to me so loud, I can not hear a single word you are saying."


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            as far as beer goes my wife drinks almost as much as i do on the weekends and she had lost 34 lbs and many inches---i agree cutting the beer will help but I am still frustrated how long this is taking after 4 months now---I know I have a lot more muscle from hitting the weights but this fat must go--i will revamp and take a look at everything next week and get more into setting goals


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              It must be a little disconcerting to only loose 15 lbs. I started at 213 lbs on March 4, 2012 and currently weigh 183 as of last Saturday - however we are all different in how we react to this diet. That's 30 lbs in about 62 Days. Here's my secret - strict Paleo - no grains, transfats, dairy or added sugar - none! Intermittent fasting (IF) and High Intensity Workouts twice a week. If you want to loose weight quickly then do not cheat, otherwise be happy with a slower weight loss, you will eventually get there but it will take a lot longer. A typical days diet looks like this - fast till noon then eat 3 to 4 scrambled eggs in coconut oil with onions and red bell peppers, 4 pieces of bacon and an avocado, mid afternoon - can of sardines, dinner - beef, chicken or fish with a salad and vegetable (alternate yams, cauliflower and brussel sprouts). Dark chocolate and a glass of red wine are my treats a couple of times a week.

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                Thanks canuck416 I am taking your advice to heart!


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                  I am about ready to give this up....


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                    Or you could actually try it first. So far all I hear is compromise and excuses.
                    Crohn's, doing SCD


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                      have you made any changes based on the above feedback?

                      I used to hit the cans every weekend, now I know when I do, my weight loss stalls.

                      Get off the piss.
                      I'll be back


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                        canuk416...any fruit?


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                          stick to it- take a look at your numbers- your cholesterol is probably better than half of america! You are making a slow transformation. Instead of 80-20, try 90- 10. How about a handful of beers once a week instead of the whole weekend. You have to want to do this! It gets frustrating. Don't you feel better and feel better about yourself? I am a big guy too- started at 320+ back in October- I hope to be under 260 tomorrow morning at my weigh in for the first time since I thinjk 1997! If you have the one vice of beer- limit it to one dose a week- and then be very strict the rest of the time. Life has to be fun right? Just don't overdo it- hang in there and it will slowly happen. Small steps- a pound here, a pound there- better than Going on diabetes pills and statins which is where you will head if you give up. What else can I say?

                          I got a corny saying from college football that was hanging in the locker room that always makes me crack up, but makes sense.

                          Good better best, never let it rest, till your good is your better and your better is your best.

                          Basically- don't give up and never be satisfied.

                          Sorry for the rambling- good luck!


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                            I have been doing this for months!! Not everyone is the same---I will try true paleo Rob Wolf style


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                              Another suggestion - Try recording your diet macros and calories. Calculate your basal metabolic rate, set your calorie requirements to lose 1 or more lbs. per week and make sure your net daily calories are consistently below your daily caloric target. You will lose body fat and weight! I bet you will find your daily caloric intake is too high. I have been following this approach with the Paleo diet and have lost 37 lbs in less than three months. Here's a link to my Facebook Diary - perhaps it will help. Good luck!

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