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Trouble sleeping more than 5 - 6 hrs - question

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  • Trouble sleeping more than 5 - 6 hrs - question

    Quick question...and a good morning to all.

    I've been 80 - 90% PB this week and that includes getting to bed by 8:30ish. I wake at 4 to be at work by 5. So that SHOULD be about about 8 hrs of sleep.

    The issue is this: I am only sleeping about 5 - 6 hrs then waking up for no apparent reason!

    Every morning around 2:30ish, I wake up. The dogs are sound asleep. The cat cuddled up. SO is snoring the normal sounds. I just wake up.

    Have been tempted to just get up then and start my day but that would rouse all the afore mentioned creatures. And would probably leave me face down on my keyboard at work around noon. Not a good thing.

    It typically takes about 20 mins for me to fall back asleep and when the radio alarm goes off at 3:50, I wake up. (Not necessarily get up, but I'm wide awake.)

    Anyone else experiencing a need for less sleep when 80 - 90% PB? Should I just start staying up a bit later? Push bedtime back 30 to see what happens? I think so but am not certain if this is a fluke.

    Thanks for any suggestions/relations/responses!

    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!

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    Speaking for myself, I find that I need less sleep than I used to, as well. When I wake up, I get up. I say push back your bedtime and see what happens.


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      I require less sleep now... not really sure why.

      When I have trouble sleeping, I've found it's because I'm overtraining...