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1 Goal met...Down to 10% body fat

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  • 1 Goal met...Down to 10% body fat

    As of July when I got measured I was 178 and 17% bodyfat. I probably peaked around Thanksgiving at 181#'s. That's when I started doing the slow carb diet and it did make a difference. I don't remember how I got from the slow carb diet to the Primal Blueprint, but I started Primal in the second week of Jan 2012

    Just got my bodyfat done on 4-22-12. Down to 164 (162 this morning) and 10% body fat. That was my goal by the end of April. My next goal is sub 8% by the end of May. Eventhough I'm 10%, it is largely on the abdomen and suprailiac areas. The good news... I've had some bad days in the last 2 weeks as far as diet goes especially when I was out of town for 2 days in a small town for a funeral. The beer consumption is also too high. Get back to 80% primal and reduce the beer and I think I'll reach my goal by mid May.

    I've been telling a lot of friends and a few patients about Primal and Marks daily apple. I really like talking about it and I'm contemplating holding a few lectures in my office relating primal to IBS, Type II diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and weight loss.

    If you have any other recommendations for topics I'd love to hear them