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Primal ideas for picky children

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  • Primal ideas for picky children

    I've had a really hard time moving my children over to primal foods. Primarily because I'm gone a lot and my wife hasn't made the effort to change them A couple of ideas I've found that they really like:

    Grass fed meatballs: 1 lb grass fed beef, 2 eggs, coconut flour, seal salt and pepper. Sorry, I don't measure the flour, salt or pepper so no exact amounts. Just use enough to get the right consistency.

    Bun-free burgers: they wont eat a plain grass fed patty on its own, but when I put blue cheese crumbles or grass fed cheddar and uncured bacon on top it's a hit.

    Coconut milk smoothies: 1/2 can Thai coconut milk, about 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 scoop whey protein. Whey protein not my favorite thing in the world but if it gets my kids some protein I'll use it all day. A small smoothie packs a ton of great fat!

    If you have other ideas attach them here, let's trade ideas!

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    Do your kids like devilled eggs? I can't remember an age when I didn't look forward to a holiday when my folks would prepare these as like an appetizer/finger food for a party/etc

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      I've been making primal pancakes of different kinds that my son likes. You can try blending chicken meat in a food processor until it turns to a paste. Fold in about the same amount of eggs to the meat and you've got a great pancake batter. This also works well with fish, zucchini, banana and avocado. My son especially likes the banana pancakes, but they tend to be quite sticky in the pan. Experiment with different kinds of home-made sauces, and feel free to add copious amounts of butter or coconut butter, or ghee. Oh-yeah, I also made green eggs and ham (he loves the story!) by blending up some well-cooked spinach and broccoli and folding that into eggs and then frying it all up. Serve with ham!


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        My kids love bacon and eggs!

        We had fiesta salads one night that went over well. (basically tacos without the hard or soft shells)

        I'm trying oopsie pizza tonight ( We'll see how that goes.

        I'm working on slowly transitioning them over. We've got a lot of schtuff going on right more upheaval of their world could be too much!


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          There are some cool recipes out there for primal chicken fingers. Most kids love that kind of thing.

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