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Beef- It doesn't just taste good!

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  • Beef- It doesn't just taste good!

    So this is my second post, and I feel like I have so many things to talk about in my primal lifestyle. I will try to stick with one- BEEF!

    Ever since learning the differences and benefits of grass fed beef vs. traditional grain fed beef, it seems like I can't eat enough of it some time. I've discovered that grass fed beef not only tastes great, but it actually makes me feel good physically and maybe even emotionally (ok that could be a stretch, but I think in some ways I can feel that good fat going directly into my grey brain matter for a emotional lift).

    So besides the health benefit of my weight loss so far (down to 266 from 318 at Halloween), and the fact that my cholesterol and blood pressure are down to olympic athlete caliber, I've recently discovered that the more I load up on Grass Fed feasts, the more my body composition is improving to strong and sculpted and my strength and stamina are skyrocketing. I think my body has recently figured out and adapted to rebuilding and strengthening muscles after a workout with this lifestyle and change in eating. For the first 60 days after I changed my lifestyle to primal, I lost weight like it was melting off, but unfortunately I couldn' maintain my strength and stamina. The last three weeks to a month however, have been nothing but astounding. I have suddenly rekindled my muscles and have bounced back to strength levels that I haven't had for about 3 years. I think I have finally dialed in my ideal food intake proportions and am doing great. I have slowed down my weight loss, but my body composition is going in a great direction. I know my bodyfat is slowly melting off too becuase I am starting to get some freaky veins in my arms that I never knew I had. I am also blowing away everyone on the golf course walking the course. By the time I finish walking 18 holes (carrying my bag on my back loaded with about 80 golf balls and a 2 liter of water for extra weight) I could actually walk another 18 holes and still feel great.

    So does all this really relate to Beef? I think it has alot to do with it! I have been eating grass fed brisket, steaks, ground beef, every roast that I can find, and I even tried roasted bone marrow recently. I actually ate a whole 2.5 pound beef shoulder blade roast between 3 and 6 today(it was probably about 2 pounds cooked). I just couldn't leave it in the crockpot- just kept on grabbing chunks with some of the drippings and wolfing them down.

    So this was a bit long winded, but I wanted to get some of my thoughts out there and see if anyone else is experiencing the wonders of grass fed beef? I think it must be the grass fed omega 3's coursing thru my veins,but I just type this in a bout 25 seconds. I swear this stuff gives me a caffeine rush sensation when i overload on it!!

    Thanks for reading!

    By the way- not to brag, but I did 28 body weight dips at 266 Pounds today and Bench Pressed 315 for 9 reps today!!!! I know that's not caveman like, but I love grinding heavy weights for as many reps as I can.

    One more thing I thought I would share- not sure if this is entirely accurate, but i recently described grain fed beef as a diabetic cow to someone asking why it wasn't as good as eating grass fed.. Does that seem off the wall? it actually seems kind of accurate to me.

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    Wow, sounds like you found the perfect food for you. Congratulations on the loss.