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  • Trouble Sleeping

    Hey guys!

    I am just curious, does anyone else have trouble sleeping, and if so, what techniques do you use to get through it? I have been having such a tough time lately..I will fall asleep around 9 but then wake up around 10:30 and will be on and off awake till about 1:30. Last week I was up till 3:30!! I am trying to get adequate sleep but for some reason it has been hard lately...I feel like I have tried everything...counting backwards, reading, listening to music, and I stopped taking sleep aids because I want to sleep naturally.

    Any tips?

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    I sometimes wake up if I'm too hot. It takes me a while to realise I'm hot and I lie there wondering why I'm awake. Maybe put a lighter duvet on or fewer blankets?

    Alcohol can affect sleep as well. It will send you to sleep but then you wake up after the effect wears off.

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      How much are you working out? Fitful sleep/frequent waking is a common symptom of overtraining.

      Other possiblilties:

      Eating too late in the evening (this doesn't seem to affect me, but it does matter to a lot of people).

      Working out too late in the evening (same as above).


      Keeping your mind too active, too late, by watching TV, reading nonfiction, or surfing the web.

      Have you tried some kind of soothing, consistent evening routine like having a cup of chamomile tea and journaling or meditating or taking a hot bath before bed?

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        I've recently started putting a dab of pure lavender essential oil on my wrists and a bit under my nose as I'm about to go to sleep, it really helps me wind down from my day and get into a quiet place. I also drink some chamomile lavender tea an hour or two before bed, it's really calming! I sleep so well lately, and I used to have the same issues that you are describing, Lindsay!