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    I must say, eating primal is definitely NOT a starvation diet. I have lost 7 lbs over the last month or so and yet, every meal, I feel stuffed to the gills. I've made Asian dishes, pot roast, chicken soup, chili, many egg dishes and all kinds of salads. I have yet to be hungry after any meal (except for the first few days, for some reason). In fact, sometimes I feel guilty for eating too much and being stuffed. I really think, once your body gets NUTRITIOUS foods, it discovers 'less is more' and you do NOT feel hungry. I can go for many hours now feeling quite satisfied. This is just amazing to me to not be thinking of food all the time.
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    There's a reason for everything you wrote: fat and protein cause satiety and on the other hand lower blood sugar and insulin levels prevent hypoglycemic episodes and thus stop you from feeling hungry. Pure logic And for the first few days you were going through the low carb flu, so that would also explain why you didn't feel that good at the time.


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      Oh my gosh I was just coming to here to write a post about the same thing! I'm 4.5 weeks in and while I've only lost about 5 pounds, the other differences are worth the small loss-- I've rarely felt full on the SAD diet and was snacking all the time. Now I'm completely satisfied by a meal and can go about 6 hours between meals instead of 3. I've completely weaned myself off snacks! Yay! Another positive change is that I'm not craving entire boxes of Ding Dongs like before-- a few nibbles of dark chocolate and I'm good. Also, I took my roommate's dog out for a jog twice this week and did my usual short route (1.5-2 miles) and found that I still had tons more energy and felt like I could keep going. I don't miss my former eating lifestyle (ok, except maybe for my super yummy choco chip cookies!) and can't imagine going back.

      Yay for being full!!!


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        I hear ya! I'm newly committed (at day 11) and it's so surreal to eat a small bit and be full for a long time. I feel like food was controlling me (constant hunger and low blood sugars) and now it's completely the other way around.

        I've not much fat to lose, only 10 lbs, but my clothes are already looser and the way I feel would make this life change worth it, even if fat loss was not a side effect!
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          I am 2 weeks ish into being as completely primal as I can, I am down from 345 to 323 lbs. I am on heavy diuretics for High BP so there is no extra water in my system as is. On the one hand, I am thrilled by the loss so far, I know it is fast right now but dang it I want it gone. I dont want to wait another 2 weeks to get to 300, I dont want to wait another year to get down to 220. I want it now.

          No more IBS, no more hypoglycemia, no more swollen ankles, no more heart pounding in my head all day. no more no more no more. 2 weeks in and this is what I can report, whats left?

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