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Three months in, 27 pounds down...

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  • Three months in, 27 pounds down...

    This is my second update; you can find my first update here: Here is a recap, the short-short version. As I mention in my first update I have been over weight since I was a small child. In college I reached my heaviest weight of 304 pounds. Through a lot of work and starvation I lost 60 pounds. Last year I gained back 35 pounds. My blood pressure was back up and I felt terrible. The thought of losing those 35 pounds (again) was depressing. Ruling out surgery, I was ready for something radical. Then I found

    I have been maintaining better than 95% primal since day one. The results are astounding so it has been relatively easy to stay on track; no carb binges; no alcohol; not one biscuit; not one dollop of humus. The exercise, however, I eased into. Carb flu only lasted a little more than a week, so I felt okay and clear headed quickly, but my energy levels did not pick up for another month.

    About five weeks in I started walking for 30 minutes to an hour, six days a week. Three weeks ago, when I thought my knees could take it, I started sprinting two to three times per week. Today I ran, barefooted, for twenty full minutes on my treadmill. That is a new personal best. Last week I started to do pushups. And, for the first time in my life I am doing chin ups. I have to jump and use the momentum to pull myself up, but I can do that five times before I max out.

    It took me a year to gain 35 pounds; three months after going primal I am eight pounds shy of my healthiest weight as an adult. My blood pressure is back under control and my jeans fit again. But, at 23% body fat, this is really just an initial goal. My next goal is to lose another 26 pounds, which, if I do not gain a lot of muscle weight, should put me at about 13% body fat. For that I will give myself another three to four months. My ultimate goal is to get under 10% body fat and I am confident that I will get there by my birthday in late August.

    Eventually I will post before and after pictures. Not yet, though. If you are considering going primal you are only doing yourself a favor by taking the 21 day challenge. Do it for three weeks, struggle through the carb flu, come to terms with eating a high fat, low carb diet, and see how you feel. If you have taken the leap but you are struggling, grit your teeth and keep on moving. If you do not think you are worth the effort, then you are right. If you have a primal success story please share it with us. Losing weight and being healthy is a struggle and those posts were a real encouragement for me.

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    Really uplifting and infectious post. Well done to you; you sound so confident.


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      Awesome! Congrats.
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        Excellent job! Keep up the great work!
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          Congrats! And keep it up!
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            Very inspirational post and I'm happy for you. We don't know what we can do -- until we try!