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Success! My MOTHER went primal!!!!!

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  • Success! My MOTHER went primal!!!!!

    Yeah! MY MOM!!!

    I'm putting this in Success Stories, yes, because I'm so so so very proud to have converted my very CW mom to the Primal way of thinking.

    The woman who last year tortured me with low-fat and fat-free, boxed gluten-free "goodies" and fed me low-fat meals when I was recovering from surgery (and I gained like 15 lb), pushed brown rice and steel-cut oats at everybody and watched Dr. Oz religiously and did NOT get Primal at all...

    I gave her my copy of "Why We Get Fat" and the PB... and she actually READ THEM for a change... probably after watching me drop 50 pounds, she's finally convinced that there's something to it...

    MOM WENT PRIMAL ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!11111oneoneone!!!! **jumps around like mad**

    Mom, like me, has battled her weight all of her life. Her weight problem was even worse than mine to control and I've been with her through 40 years of battling her obesity: the Richard Simmons tapes, the Weight Watchers, I've gone with her to endless aerobics classes, the low-fat "healthy whole grain" crackers, the 100 calorie packs, the exercise equipment, the "what am I doing WRONG" frustration, the doctor's visits, the WLS. This whole epic life-long battle with obesity that has consumed her existence. She had gastric bypass a few years ago, lost weight and then gained most of it back. She's a little older (65) and has mobility issues due to severe side effects from statin drugs (Lipitor) (her muscles wasted away) so I don't expect one of these overnight "fat-to-fit" transformations but she told me yesterday she's already lost a few pounds and especially inches and is THRILLED!

    I'm so glad that finally, after talking to her for over a year she seems to finally GET IT!!!

    And what's even better is... SHE GAVE THE BOOKS TO MY AUNT when she was done reading them... my auntie battles her weight also, yeah it runs in our family... and my auntie seems ready to get on board. I'm going to try to be as encouraging as possible for auntie because she is HORRIBLY HORRIBLY addicted to carbs, so addicted that it's tragic to watch. She eats chocolates all day. She walks around with a bag of Hershey's kisses and not one of the small ones, either. She's very jittery and whips out the chocolates when she gets nervous and I think the blood-sugar roller coaster makes her anxiety even worse. Well, watching my mom take charge of her own insulin rollercoaster has auntie all inspired to give it a try... I already know that the carb flu is gonna WRECK HER... and I don't know if she can get through it... she is so terribly carb-addicted... but I sure would like to see her get her sugar demons under control.

    All I can do is be a good example and keep losing weight and succeeding. But my family has 1 more convert, possibly 2... maybe in the future we can get my siblings on board, I know they fight the fat too.

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    Awesome. Go your mom!
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      I'm so jealous!


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        Double high-5, Spubs!! All the best to your mom and your aunt...keep us updated on their progress, k?
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          Awesome, Spubba. I'd love for my dad to go Primal, since he was officially diagnosed as a pre diabetic. I think what made him think twice was telling him I downed 12 eggs in one day... . Oh, how I can't take that back.
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            That's super! My mother went primal (72) and she's better at staying the course than I am. It's eliminated a lot of stress for me because I used to worry about her health before. I'm sure watching your success was very motivating for your mom. Here's to the pair of you inspiring your aunt!
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              Right on Spubba!! I love that! Feeling awesome in a Primal lifestyle is amazing, but when you get someone else on board- especially someone you love and have watched struggle for so long, there is no feeling like it!! Oh I hope, I hope she just THRIVES.
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                Great, congratulations! And good luck to both of you! My mom is also primal(-ish) When I decided to go primal 6 months ago and explained the rationale behind the new way of eating I was planning on adopting, she joined me - probably more out of a desire to support me than anything, but she has effortlessly lost 22 lbs so far, which is remarkable for a woman her age (she is 61). She does eat slightly more carbs than I do and exercises a lot less (she just takes daily walks), but the primal WOE is working for her nonetheless. And she has had some relief from her psoriatic arthritis (she has a very severe case of the disease), so she is now motivated to continue with this new WOE Moms and relatives in general can be very stubborn and unsupportive at times, but some do change their way of thinking
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                  that is such good news!!


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                    Oh, how I wish, wish WISH my folks were on the 'net! Mom's taking several bp and cholesterol meds and Dad just had back surgery and can't be as active as he's used to being. I'm really hoping that seeing how much healthier and happier the DH and I are on this WOE will bring them around to some sensible changes. I'd lend them my copy of PB...if I thought they'd read it, but they still think it's some sort of fad that I'll "grow out of"...even after 9 months and -60# of success.

                    Congrats on your success, Spubba!
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                      So that's who has been "fighting" you for your case of sardines. . . That's fantastic.

                      Maybe send her home with a good Primal cookbook?


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                        Originally posted by missblue View Post
                        So that's who has been "fighting" you for your case of sardines. . . That's fantastic.

                        Maybe send her home with a good Primal cookbook?
                        Haha, I'm converting by example...

                        I'd give her a cookbook but she'd never use it. She just calls me, tells me what she has in the kitchen and asks me what she should make out of it.


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                          I can say that I know exactly how you are feeling. My mum got diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and has hashimotos BUT as of last week she has come on the primal wagon and is loving it so far - especially getting back to eating all the foods she used to love so much like kidneys and liver. I think for older people (our parents age and above) they can remember the benefits of a pre-industrial oils & carb society so they relish going back to the world of butter, bacon and lard

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                            My mom has been enjoying heavy cream in her coffee and sour cream on berries, she told me she had missed cream so much, had always been afraid of eating it... And she has been enjoying butter too


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                              Congrats Spubba! I finally understand what you are experiencing as my brother has gone primal as well! I think once he starts seeing results other family members will follow soon. Great job again!
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