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  • One year and just starting

    Well I noticed that I have gone past my one year point from when I joined you merry band of Groks and Grokettes! So I will take the time to perhaps help some of the new folks and if for no other reason profess my Primal story.
    I am in my 55th year, sober for over 11 years, and was at my peak, 6ft, 253lbs in October of 2007 when I turned 50. I began to slowly lose some weight, trying different things, but in all honesty it was not until I made the change to a more primal lifestyle, particularly grain free, that I began to see and feel the difference. I made some check points along the way and they start at 243lb 29% BF in May of 2008 to 213lb and 19% BF in Nov 2011. Most of the change coming from the 9 months between Feb-Nov 2011. I am currently at 215lb and not sure of BF. But not pleased that my progress seems to have slowed, my goal being 200lbs.

    I cannot say that I lived a totally Primal life through all this time, Ilive most of the year on a military base in the Arctic 900 miles from the North Pole so food quality and availability are not prime (al) :-).... I ate some cake, some cookies, some ice cream and plenty of dark chocolate, along with a few slices of pizza, but for the most part have remained true. For all that, I feel immeasurably better and much more fit, working up to my current 6 Pull Ups where once I struggle with 1.5, hope to push through to 10 soon.

    Now I am venturing into deeper territory and beginning more 20hr IF routines, on my way to a 40. After reading Eat Stop Eat, and the Pkloop posts here at MDA I have a much better understanding of what and how to approach it. I have completed one 20 hour fast as Pkloop would count it (24hr total, 20 hr fast). I am excited to see how this turns out and will report back in time as I run down the road.

    Thanks to any who have given words of advice directly or indirectly here at MDA. And to all those new to the lifestyle keep up the work! It pays off eventually, even if you eat some cookies along the way!

    Living the dream, inside a myth

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    Way to go!! Thanks for sharing.