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Just had my first Crossfit class

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  • Just had my first Crossfit class

    It was part one of a 3-part "fundamentals" series the trainer requires you to take before enrolling in the group classes. The 3 fundamentals classes cost 75 altogether. After that it's 75 bucks a month for 3-day-a-week group classes (he said group sometimes means him and you).

    It sounds like a steal to me, since he stretches you and he's a paleo eater so he can offer nutritional advice I'm down with.

    I figure at least until I feel like a Crossfit pro, this is the best route to take. Any other Crossfit folks out there have thoughts?

    BTW, after doing some lifts so he could find my range and show me some form, we did dead-hang pullups, chest-to-floor pushups and air squats in rounds of 3-5-7 for as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. I got 8 rounds in. Was DEAD tired!

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    I sometimes feel like an outcast nutcase, wandering the hallways of Crossfit and spouting prophecy that gets me stoned. (With stones, not hallucinogenic substances).

    The reason I say this is because I broke my body overdoing Crossfit coupled with long-distance cycling by waaaaaaaaaay overtraining.

    In fact, those who start Crossfit with some degree of strength and endurance are most at risk for self-harm precisely because you are fit enough to overdo. (Research rhabdomyolysis on the Crossfit main site.)

    Financially, those fees are quite reasonable and in line with the middle of most Crossfit affiliates.

    Just take it easy ramping up, ok? REALLY listen to your body, and skip a session if you are too sore---especially in the beginning.

    What you DON'T want to do is just do one 'metcon' day after another, you will pound down into the dust. Good programming (after the intro level) includes work on bodyweight exercises (handstand pushups, L-sits, pistols, etc.), as well as pure strength days without any sprinting work at all.

    Crossfit is like powerful medicine. The right dose, at the right frequency, is beneficial. Overdoses can be toxic.

    Enjoy your wonderful adventure. I wish I could still do it, sometimes.



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      Wow, the Crossfit centre here costs about $120 / month. Took the free introductory class and didn't think it was worth that much.

      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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        I had a really bad first (and still only) Crossfit experience. The trainers were not good at scaling the workout. Since then I've continued my interest in Crossfit from afar. Lack of a nearby instructor in whom I can place confidence has kept me out, but I know that my concerns are strictly instructor-based. I have no beef with Crossfit as a concept.

        So if you're going to make the leap into it be sure the instructor knows exactly what s/he is doing with scaling the workouts. Discuss and get comfortable with the scaling plan in advance before laying any money down.


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          I've been doing crossfit for like 2.5 years. It's awesome. I love it. The Rhabdo fears are overhyped. It's still way safer than running or most team sports. Use your head. Listen to your body. Scale back for a while. But stick with it. It's fun and it works.


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            Thanks for the input, all. I'm definitely going to stick with it and see how it is going forward.


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              We don't have CrossFit here, but I do CrossFit-type WODs twice a week (usually based on the CrossFit Enhance affiliate). I scale them to my ability (and bad shoulder). I've only been doing them about three weeks now, so I still haven't found the right weights and ranges for every exercise. Further, I have been easing into it so as not to injure myself.

              I like CrossFit workouts because they replicate real-world activities. Performing a WOD twice a week gives me time to recover, move slowly, and sprint occasionally.


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                I've always done it on my own. The gyms are really expensive ($75/month sounds pretty cheap) and I can't do 3 on 1 off. My body needs to heal. Plus with so much support online I always had my questions answered. There is even a section on the message board where you can upload videos of yourself to get critiqued on your lifting.

                dannyjnoonan: I'm curious why/how CrossFit is safer than running? Or at least, safer than running with proper form.


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                  Hi Trau. I also just completed the three fundamentals classes at a Detroit area CrossFit facility. For the three classes, it was $150. Now, for three classes per week, it's $135 per month. I'd definitely say you're getting a great deal.

                  I was very interested in CrossFit but had never done any type of "real" heavy lifting before. I would have never, ever pushed myself in the way that the CrossFit trainers have pushed me, even in just the introductory sessions. It's a good thing, for me anyway.

                  Being a 5'5", 125 lb female, I'm not overweight but would love to "tone up" more, and I can definitely see this happening quickly with CrossFit. Further, I really like that CrossFit focuses on strength and solid movements, not just on looking good, as so many other workouts, especially those aimed at females, do. Not that I don't want to look good - I do - but too much focus on looking good is unmotivating for me. If I don't see instant results, I get discouraged. CrossFit, I think, will help me solve that problem.

                  Finally, I definitely agree that the workouts must be scaled, and thankfully, the CrossFit in my area takes this very seriously. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to report back that I can do a real push up and pull up!!


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                    I'm in the same boat as PrimalChild. There are several centers around me, but they are horridly expensive. That's a shame because I'm absolutely fascinated by it. I figure for what they are charging, I'll just gradually follow some of the budget home setup suggestions and ease into it that way.

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                      Trau - that is a great price - where I take crossfit, the rate is 125 a month. Most people do 3 times a week, but I have been doing it for about 5 months, so I do it 4 days a week and do Krav Maga (its a martial art) 2 days, for a total of 2 days off (my math doesn't add up...but i double up one day).

                      It really does matter on your instructor - i can't imagine what it would have been like if my instructors weren't constantly pushing me to excel, checking my form, making sure i was at the proper weight, giving me alternates to the presribed weight if i can't do it at that weight (or just can't do that handstand pushups).

                      You've got a great deal there - i say go for it.

                      Small world - crossfit was created by greg glassman, and i worked with kathy glassman (his sister) for a few weeks at my current job. when I started my job, she was leaving to go help work at crossfit - i had no clue what she was talking about - little did i know i would soon find out!


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                        Barryman9000: "dannyjnoonan: I'm curious why/how CrossFit is safer than running? Or at least, safer than running with proper form."

                        The data on the percentage of runners that get injured is staggering. Crossfit injuries are way more rare. I'm sure you're going to comment on that being caused by improper running form, but crossfit injuries, including Rhabdo, are caused by improper technique to the same degree that running injuries are. On a whole, I think you're just going to get way fewer injuries from a varied exercise plan than from a constantly repeated, high-stress exercise plan.


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                          People have also been running for much longer than Crossfit has existed.

                          You cannot watch this video and tell me that it is healthy, when clearly this person is putting his shoulders under tremendous negative strain.



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                            We haven't been heel-striking that much longer. Which is what most runners do now. Which is unsafe. The vast majority of crossfitters do not do the butterfly kip, or only do it for specific workouts. I've never noticed any undue strain on my shoulders from it. Also, I could find you videos of dangerous running form too.

                            Something like 80% of runners get hurt every year. Crossfit is nowhere near that.


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                              Uhh we've been running just as long as we've been pushing, pulling, twisting, bending, jumping, squatting, and lunging. Gait is just another natural movement.

                              With that said, crossfit is very powerful. If you can tailor it to yourself, and know when to stop and go, you'll do great. If you blindly follow workouts and finish regardless of pain, you'll be done within a month or so.

                              I love crossfit for what it emphasizes and for what it accomplishes in those who do it right. But any experienced trainer (crossfit or not) will tell you training needs to be as individualized as the diet.

                              Me making a workout that is:

                              5 rounds of,

                              10 push-ups

                              200M Sprint

                              10 pull-ups

                              Will work for some people, not for ALL. Someone is going to have a shoulder injury. Someone is going to not be able to do push-ups. Tailor it to yourself, or get a trainer to do it for you. Follow those rules and you'll be addicted within a few sessions.

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