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    If those shakes have any artificial ingredients, they will make you tired. Having a shake once a day as a meal replacement is one thing, but you drink those shakes a lot, that's a lot of processed foods for your body to deal with, and it's not exactly primal. If you were to replace one of those shakes with half of an avocado, and some Greek yogurt, or a handful of almonds and some jerky, your body would respond a lot better.


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      I usually have 1 or 2 shakes a day.

      Today I had a zero carb protein shake when I got up. 3 eggs with some red bell pepper and spinach cooked in butter. 2 slices thick bacon for breakfast.

      I had a banana for a snack (I know, not good).

      Lunch was a BA salad with tuna (in olive oil) two slices of bacon, a whole avocado, tomato, red bell pepper, baby bella mushrooms, olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

      1 cup of coffee this morning with light cream and one this afternoon.

      I am anticipating leftover pork roast and broccoli for dinner. Maybe a handful of cashews as a snack after that, and yes, probably one more protein shake......

      Thank you to everyone who is trying to help :^)


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        Sounds like you are eating lots of little snacks here and there. Maybe try putting it into 2-3 big meals a day?

        Natural Selection:


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          In your case I would ask why are you doing P90X for? Your not trying to lose weight, right? If your looking to build, you can definitely replace your workouts with 2-3 sessions a week rather than the 6-7 that you do with P90X. (Good chance of over-training) However, focus on strength training instead, not stamina.

          P90X will build strength eventually, but what you are technically doing is burning calories and building stamina. I dont want to tell you to change your routine, but maybe you can do the workouts every other day instead of everyday? That way your body gets a full days rest between workouts.

          This way you wont be burning countless energy for more than an hour a day with a program that was meant to address weight loss. Since your either looking to maintain your weight or get bigger, the last thing you should be doing is P90X as it is. Your lack of energy might be coming from over-training.

          Try working out 2-3 days a week and add some sort of sprint or hill running program once or twice a week. This will promote growth hormone and optimal gene expression.

          The best advice would be go carnivore for a bit. Let your body's functions re-sensitize themselves. But do it with organic meat sources (grass fed beef/wild fatty fish/wild game). Personally I found I have the best energy level running off a high-fat meat based diet with SOME veggies and MAYBE a fruit, generally looking at around 10-30 grams a day of carbs (almost everything has trace amounts of carbs in it. This way of eating, ESPECIALLY when I get almost all my fat intake from ANIMAL sources has given me boosted fat burning capacity, boosted muscle gaining capacity, better skin, digestion, mentality and overall view and feeling of life in general, it is ACTUALLY life-changing whether you believe it or not, like they say "The proof is in the pudding!"

          On another note, I would try cutting carbs after about 6pm or the last MEAL of the day. Also you should try losing the protein shakes and try to get your protein for the day through animal sources (fat as well!) Everyone is different, so try different things for yourself.

          Change your workout routine to 2-3 days a week of lifting, and lift heavier, frequently for shorter amounts of time (burts).

          Make sure you get 48 hours rest between workouts, and make sure you get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night (helps if your room is dark, no lights whatsoever, or sounds and with a small fresh air breeze coming into the room.

          When you take a shower, BEFORE you turn on the water, say something to yourself like "I am a Spartan warrior" (300 anyone?) and then turn the tap to the coldest temperature and TURN IT ON! Dont think about it, JUST TURN THE TAP ON! Try this for a 30 count at first, and make sure you move around dont stay in one spot, and then gradually build it to a minute long over time. Make sure you warm up though. The sudden cold will awake every living cell in your body (maybe even the dead ones for some people!) =) haha, good luck and keep us posted!