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My success story- PB works, even for girls!

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  • My success story- PB works, even for girls!

    I posted this story in a different part of the forum, and a reader mentioned that I should post it in the success stories. How did I not see that?? Here's my story:

    A year before I moved overseas for work, my weight had skyrocketed to 190lbs (I'm 5'5 and at the time was 24 years old). I was doing everything "right"- eating whole grains, yogurt, soy products and meat substitutes- and my weight was getting worse. I was referred to a naturopath that tested me for food allergies using applied kinesiology and found a tremendous amount of toxins in my system from grains, dairy, and soy. She took me off of those things and put me on a primal diet of meat protein with a lot of veggies and nuts/nut butters. She told me that I could have a minimal amount of fruits, too.

    I changed my breakfasts, snacks, and all of my meals to take out the whole wheat bread, soy patties, and other junk that I consumed daily. Not only did I start shedding weight and bloat within the first week, I had a substantial amount of energy and stamina. I remained focused in college classes and no longer hit an afternoon slump. I didn't change anything with my workouts as I was already taking long walks, doing crossfit twice weekly, and teaching and practicing yoga. All I had to do was change my food. It worked. I dropped sixty pounds and felt amazing.

    before and after.jpg

    Left is before, right is after

    Then, I moved overseas to an island where we didn't have the best options in meat and produce. I resorted back to my old ways and often ate McDonalds and Subway as that was cheaper than stocking my fridge full of groceries (when we could even GET fresh produce, it would often rot within a day or two). Before I knew it, I gained all of my weight back. I didn't maintain the habits that changed my life and I paid for it.

    My husband and I met halfway through our two years abroad and he had read up on Primal and Paleo eating. I told him that I did it and it was life changing for me. He discovered MDA and we have been following a great Primal lifestyle since our wedding day the end of December. I've since lost only 5 pounds, but my body is shaping up very well and I have gained a lot of muscle. I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times, but I've come back stronger and without wanting to ever get off track again. It's just not worth it. Energy drops, I get bloated, and as an eczema sufferer, my skin is just in bad shape (when we don't follow PB).

    We are loving all of the energy that we have and especially the easy digestion. I love that my skin doesn't itch or get dry. I know that through Primal eating, good sleep, and a great weight plan (along with long walks on the beach near our home in Los Angeles) we will be looking and feeling great by summer. I've done it before and am convicted that this has to be my lifestyle! It's not worth it falling off track anymore. I'll post a new story when we get there again.

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    Loved your story. But this is were you should also post your story and pics.


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      congratulations! there are a lot of nice bonuses to eating primal besides weight loss! enjoy!