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    Of course you can buy for less. They have less labor costs. They don't promote women. They have paid millions and millions of dollars in fines and back wages, and those are just the successful lawsuits. They get communities to overlook taxes which would support your schools and police departments, and then your taxes pay for the food stamps and Medicaid that their employees have to have to survive. They even have classes teaching employees how to do that.

    I'm no saint, but I believe that policies like that are bad for America and bad for human beings. They practically created the race to the bottom. If you believe in treating people with dignity in wages, you don't shop Walmart/Sam's Club unless you have to. And certainly not for the prices.

    Costco, I understand, is a much, much better place to work. Higher wages, even some unions. Walmart has an anti-union team standing by 24/7 to fly out in one of their private jets if the "U word" appears in a store.