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Hit the mythological 260.0 this AM!

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  • Hit the mythological 260.0 this AM!

    Whew! Never thought I'd get here before the end of the month, a goal. I know I will likely move up a bit again, but the trend is there, despite a "low 60's" plateau for almost two weeks, bouncing around there.

    I was at 285 when I left for a long road trip April 23. I returned May 8th and found myself at 274 for mostly unknown reasons. Decided to keep it going. Long believed in low carb, tried Atkins once and was screaming for any carbs from anything after a week. Not for me. Then I discovered PB, which like me, believes in saturated fats and a more, um, primal eating. I had never thought of the grain as recent food thing, I'll say.

    I have kept detailed Fitday records and here is the "secret": Calorie deficits of 1K or more a day, keep the carbs down to about 50. If I either eat too many calories OR too many carbs, nothing happens except maybe badness. BOTH have to be down. BTW, my intake BP (Before Primal) was about 4,000 and although fat, I didn't gain for years. Now I hold it (mostly) to 2000 or less.

    Thanks, Mark! (And all the encouragement I've gotten on this community!)

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    good job!

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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      Congrats man. You should set up some sort of system to reward yourself everytime you cross a major threshold. Like when you drop below 250 for the first time, go get a massage. Maybe get the family to participate and encourage you.