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    and hes a bright guy with a lot of interests, just number one on his list right now is getting healthy. he isnt one of those preachy obsessed jerks, just very dedicated to achieving his goal, which is his health


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      Usually when I'm sick I take that as a sign to take it easy.


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        Hiding under the covers when you're sick makes you a pussy! This guys progress is amazing, even more so as I sit here replying on MDA instead of busting my butt


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          Originally posted by fes31129 View Post
          so in your opinion, being active 5 days a week is fanaticism? interesting. I think its just living a healthy lifestyle. But hell, you never met the guy so im sure you know everything about him But maybe he could spend his free time better, like give uninformed opinions on message boards about complete strangers. That acceptable?

          And Ayla, agreed, those achievements, no matter how small, can turn a bad day around in a hurry.
          Nice. You're like a level 15 Passive-Aggressive.

          There is a difference between being active 5 days a week and doing Crossfit 5 days a week. It's like comparing having half a glass of wine a day to a whole bottle of scotch.

          Also, if I had joined in the praise of this guy, my opinion would be just as uninformed, but you wouldn't have anything to say about it. Think about that and how full of BS your retort is. Fact is, burnout is a very real thing, and so is weight rebound when the person does something that is not sustainable. But hey, I hope he has a fun-filled 10 to 15 years.
          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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            i don't see why it wouldn't be sustainable for him. . . particularly if he is enjoying what he's doing.

            And, he might continue on to other activities, or move back to less crossfit and more other things.

            several of my clients do cross fit 3x week, plus my power yoga classes 2x per week, plus one other sport (one does muay thai, the other plays tennis pretty competitively -- which means practicing 2-3 days a week plus bouts/games). They love it.

            And, if that makes them happy, then i'm happy.