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In starting to struggle..... again

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  • In starting to struggle..... again

    Hi. I previously started to eat primal last year. My wife would buy chocolate and cakes which I found easy to ignore. I would open the cupboard see the junk food and say " no thanks". But then I slowly started to increase my carbs,the odd chocolate here and there, slice of bread , cereal until I gave up and put the weight back on.
    Not defeated I am back to eating primal and have lost a stone again. But I can feel myself starting to slip again. My carb intake is slowly increasing which is making me more hungry. I even ate a whole easter egg the other day. I so want to continueeating primal as I can feel the difference it makes and I want to prove people wrong as I do get a lot of negative comments about my new lifestyle,especially when they say its just another Atkins, that really bugs me.
    So if there is anyone out there who can help me or if you been through the same situation and how you managed to overcome it. That would be great. One option is to go chocolate/cake crazy once a month but I'm not sure that would be wise. P.s I hate dark chocolate.
    Many thanks.
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    The way I see it, you need something to really motivate you. In my case it's health (hormones and joint problems). I have real, tangible health problems that benefit from less indulgences. It would be more difficult, if I were already pretty much healthy and only wanted to make sure I stayed that way. No, I know my problems are influenced greatly by my diet and my body constantly reminds me why I need to eat this way and not cheat. So find what motivates you.


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      just remember all the horrible things that diabetics have to go through before you eat anything like bread or cake or chocolate all of which cause diabetes


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        What makes me laugh is that some of my family are overweight and i always tell them you will end up with diabetes, and there's me scoffing down a whole easter egg.
        I think motivation is key to my new lifestyle, I suffer from mild Arthritis in the knee which has more or less gone. But i seem to wait for it to come back before i realize my mistake.
        I have to say this is the 1st time i have posted anything and getting reply's of help and encouragement has given me a boost.


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          Can your wife store her junk food somewhere else? Maybe under lock and key, so you have to go through the humiliation of asking her for the key before you get any? That kind of thing (well, not the key part, but 'out of sight out of mind' plus a little social pressure) works for me.


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            You need your own "go to" Primal treat stash. Even if it is things that aren't optimal for Primal but still in the ballpark.

            For me it's dried fruit chopped up with cocoa nibs and shredded coconut, with a few nice nuts mixed in.

            I feel like I am getting something nice, but I limit my portions and just walk away by using those little snack baggies to control portion size. Not a perfect solution, but better than cake and bread etc. Also that blueberry / heavy cream primal ice cream looks like an excellent cheat--haven't gone there yet but I'm sure I will.


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              I was thinking of making primal cakes and bars but I know my wife and children will eat them all, but Hilary has a great idea with the lock and key,I could hide my primal treats.


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                Learn how to hide things. You can hide them in the fridge or freezer. It's like nobody looks behind the first row of stuff or deep inside the door. I can hide all kinds of stuff in there. Mostly I don't hide treats, though. I hide the liver and scary stuff my man will give me grief about.
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                  You have to do it for you. Might sound simple but in reality no advice anyone can give or any nifty tricks or ideas are gonna make any difference in your day to day life. You decide what you put in your mouth throughout the day. When you are truly sick of being fat or unhealthy or whatever it is that makes you toy with the idea of being primal that is when you will find the motivation to stick with it. Personally I love food but I love my family more. I have been primal almost 14 months and it is still a daily struggle to not put processed carbs and other sugary crap in my mouth but I get through it one day at a time. You slip up and you just get right back on the band wagon. That is life and life is made of choices. When you choose to be healthy and primal then you will find that will power but it really needs be an all or nothing at least at the start. You just have to find your reason which is in turn your strength.

                  Best of luck. Find your reason and hold on to it.
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                    Thanks primalclay, to find out it`s still a struggle means this will not be easy. But I`m up for the challenge. My next challenge will be arriving shortly. The in laws are visiting so I had to pop to the shops for bread. Cakes and chocolate, and I will not touch any of it. Hopefully.


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                      Don't be too hard on yourself. I have been doing this for almost two years and go through phases where it is so easy I can't believe how lucky I am to have found primal eating and phases where I really struggle. There are a few things I have found that help me in the rough phases. First, I tend to go through a tough time if I have been eating the exact same foods for a long time - I guess I get bored. So I periodically try new recipes and flavors. Add some new spices or sauces to your food repertoire. I also think it is very natural to go through high carb phases and lower carb phases. So if you find yourself really wanting to eat a whole chocolate egg, make a bowl of full fat yogurt with some toasted coconut, fresh raspberries, a little honey, and some shaved dark chocolate on it. It will have the sweetness you are craving, but it will also relieve the fell-off-the wagon guilt that you are letting undermine your efforts. I eat plenty of fruit and sweet potatoes when I am having those craving.

                      The other tip that works for me when I feel things coming off the rails a bit is to do a little pre-emptive eating. I am normally a fan of eating when hungry, but sometimes when I have been eating a bit too much junk I find it helpful to get up and have a large high fat, high protein breakfast and do the same for lunch and dinner for a few days. It usually gets me back in line with eating quickly.

                      I do feel for you though. It would be very, very hard for me to stay primal if there was junk food in the house all the time. I think I would have to beg my significant other to keep the house primal. They can pick up snacks or whatever when they are out of the house, but not keep them in the house.

                      Good luck

                      ETA: Oh yeah -- the one rule that i think keeps me on track is that I never have two non-primal meals in a row. So if I eat a giant chocolate cake with dinner, no matter what I will not eat any non-primal food with breakfast. Even if I screw up again at lunch, I will only eat a primal dinner. Keeps things from spiraling too far down.
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                        Take an hour out your day when you're feeling particularly tempted by non primal eats, and have a leisurely look through the "Before and after" thread, it was seeing the results others have had that finally convinced me to seriously give the primal lifestyle a go, and that thread helps me through the rougher times


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                          Go volunteer in a hospital for a week. You'll get to watch people just like you and me who couldn't get their eating habits reigned in. They are laying in beds waiting to have their feet amputated while STILL eating crackers and sandwiches and jello. Hopefully, the anger you will feel at the synthetic food industry will set you on a lifelong boycott of their products. Works for me, I see it everyday and it makes saying 'no' to the fake food realy easy. Eat this cupcake = eventual neuropathy. No thanks.
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                            Originally posted by Hilary View Post
                            Can your wife store her junk food somewhere else? Maybe under lock and key, so you have to go through the humiliation of asking her for the key before you get any? That kind of thing (well, not the key part, but 'out of sight out of mind' plus a little social pressure) works for me.
                            My boyfriend does that for me! He bought a small security box and keeps popcorn, nuts, and... other things that I don't remember because they're out of sight!

                            I can't eat those things because I end up vomiting all day the next day, so having those on the lock box helps. I'm not accountable enough to have "just a handful once per week", and he doesn't want me to be sick, so he gives me just a little.

                            I know I could run to the store and buy something and pretend I never ate it, but why bother when I could just ask him? I'm less tempted to eat junk because I know there's "some in the box, if I want".

                            You do what you gotta do, right?

                            I have no restrictions on other treats, though, if I want cream and berries then I eat them. It's only the non primal stuff and things that make me sick.
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                              Ah, the boyfriend is also smart enough not to keep junk around the house. No spaghetti, no bread, no rice. If he wants some, he makes or buys enough for him to eat in one sitting, no more. He has seen how unhealthy I was, and doesn't want me to go back to those days.

                              Something for your wife to keep in mind. If you were a recovering alcoholic, would she keep alcohol in the house?
                              My smartphone makes me about $100 per month
                              Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.