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    What has worked for me over the years includes wheat and dairy free, tailoring my calories to my activity level, watching the carbs, intermittent fasting and yes some exercise, but diet is mostly what helped the most. Eating less and not exercising over time damaged me though and eating less and moving more was also a no go. You need to look at your genetics- are your parents heavy? My mom was super skinny when she was younger but gradually got heavier as she got older from grains- oatmeal for breakfast, etc. I have heavy relatives also who have problems likely from a combo of eating too much of the wrong foods. The first step is to eat right, then exercise, then notice what happens.


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      Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
      My friends laugh at me, but I have stone inlay in front of my fireplace where I really do smash nuts (cast iron pans work nicely for this.) In fact my black walnuts won't open any way other than smashing. Unfortunately it also leaves much of the nut and shell in tiny un-descernable bits. I've largely lost interest in nuts and nut butter with time.
      Have you tried using the inside of a door near the bottom corner at the hinge to crack the shells? My family used to do that with walnuts all the time when I was a kid
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        I have lost about 7 kilos (15 pounds) in 60 days of paleo/primal eating. I cut out all added sugar, processed foods (if its in a packet, I wont eat it), breads, pastas, carbs in general. I have been doing at-home exercises - plank, squats, lunges etc. I eat 2-3 meals a day and make sure that vegies feature on every plate

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          Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
          I love this!

          I made a rule. No nuts allowed in my house unless they're in a shell. Somehow though, coconut seems exempt from this rule- lol. Maybe I should re-think that, huh?

          My friends laugh at me, but I have stone inlay in front of my fireplace where I really do smash nuts (cast iron pans work nicely for this.) In fact my black walnuts won't open any way other than smashing. Unfortunately it also leaves much of the nut and shell in tiny un-descernable bits. I've largely lost interest in nuts and nut butter with time.
          That is fantastic! Pretty sure it would be a lot more difficult to overeat nuts doing it your way. I'm way too lazy for that approach. I'd rather go hungry
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            ill speak for my wife because she does not come on here .. she started a week after me weighing in around 143 ..

            after 2 months or so she was 120 .. currently she is 114 ..

            she is 85% primal .. im not giving her credit for the coffee with whole cream, occasional sweet treats, etc.. she doesnt snack anymore she eats 2-3 meals a day .. eats nuts, lots of fruits, otherwise just meat and veggies .. if we go out to dinner occasionally she has sweets like macroons, 1/4 slice of cake, etc .. shes given no effort other than avoiding all grains like the plague for the first 5 or so months .. now she loses a pound or so every few weeks randomly even after cheating some .. she went from a 29 waist to a 24-25 .. and is much smaller in general .. she has more energy, but i still cant get her to work out .. i dnot want to sound mean and please understand she would say this before me but she needs to tone up some in the legs etc .. her chest also went from a 44DDD to a 44D which has made her life MUCH easier especially when bra shopping ..

            shes 5'2" and just turned 29 yesterday for what thats worth

            you guys CAN DO IT!
            started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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              Originally posted by gempdx44 View Post
              Thank you for starting this thread, it's very interesting and I'm getting a lot of good ideas.

              I've never been more than 25-30 pounds overweight in my life, and had always had good success losing the poundage with programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. Then, of course, the pounds would gradually creep back on due to the lifestyle choices I was making. I'm 44, female, and have Hashimoto's.

              I read The Paleo Solution about 6 months ago and immediately started transitioning into that lifestyle. Didn't worry about calories or macros, but did track in MyFitnessPal just so I could have a record of what I was eating and how it would affect how I felt, etc. For months, I didn't lose any weight but I did feel a lot better. Still, with about 32% body fat at 161 pounds (at 5'4"), I wasn't happy with how I felt in my skin.

              In December I started working with a trainer to learn how to "lift heavy things" properly. I've been consistently weight training 2-3 times a week in addition to any cardio I do (which is much less these days, maybe 3x a week). I also started really paying attention to calories and macros; partly because my trainer wanted to see and also because I was frustrated with the lack of movement on the scale. Through this I found the following:

              1) VLC does not work well for me in terms of hunger management. I find on days when I add a small potato or some white rice to my meals I feel fuller, longer, and have more energy and less brain fog. My "sweet spot" seems to be 80 - 120g of carbs per day, which is still low carb by SAD standards.

              2) If I eat more than 1400 calories a day on average I will not lose. It does not seem to matter what the macros are. I do find it relatively easy to feel satisfied on < 1400 calories a day if I eat primally, though. So for me, "calories in" do matter - a lot.

              For so long, I was afraid to go to 1400 calories or less a day because I would be "starving". So I ate 1600-1800 calories a day on average and didn't lose an ounce. It was frustrating me because I kept hearing all of these stories of weight just "flying off" when people went paleo/primal. I'm finally losing weight VERY slowly at this caloric level, and I am maintaining my lean muscle mass, so apparently this is what I need to be doing right now.
              I can so relate to this post. I am a 46 year old woman who has done very similar.
              I have found since I have hit my 40's the weight only comes off incredibly slowly. I eat about 1400 a day. I eat mixed berries and full fat Greek yoghurt as my desserts. satisfies my sweet tooth.
              I do Zumba twice a week, circuit training twice a week and lift heavy weights at least once a week. I count my shuttle runs as my "fast running"
              Wish my tummy would get smaller though.


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                I did low carb and VLC for years, maintained but stalled my metabolism and couldn't go any farther with fat loss. Addressing my thryoid has been the biggest breakthrough. Also, drinking milk- ditching dairy other than yogurt and kefir which contain lactose and are pro inflammatory, did nothing whatsoever for me. Coconut oil & butter are staples; didn't use CO for years because of initial bad reactions & just didn't get its benefits as a weight loss food. Just basic walking and weight lifting is all I do these days- no Crossfit training or intervals or anything like that. These days I follow a slightly tweaked primal food list; I also don't count carbs.
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                  I've been Primal for 4 months now, with regular intermittent fasting. I do minimal exercise. I've lost 21 lbs so far! Lots more to go but am feeling confident, and I'm prepared for the weight loss to slow down as I approach my goal. I think the key to success no matter how much you have to lose, is to not obsess about how fast and how exactly you do it, but just to be consistent over time, and find tweaks and tricks that work for your particular lifestyle.

                  There is certainly a general gender disparity when it comes to weight loss, but everyone is physically very different so don't assume your effort will automatically be hard.
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                    I'm kinda late joining this thread, but here's what I can say.

                    I have played around with calorie-counting, low-carb, lifting heavy, all that stuff. I found out that I have a dairy allergy, so ANYTHING dairy-related is out. No lacto-fermenting veggies, no cheese, no yogurt, unless I want my face to break out. If I go super-low-carb, I get cravings, I get weak, my workouts suffer, and my mood goes to crap. I'm a lot better off just eating a banana or two a day. Heck, when I was at Navy boot camp, I often ate a banana at EVERY MEAL and still lost weight. Also, intermittent-fasting doesn't work for me. I get ravenously hungry and over-eat at the next meal; through experimentation, I seem to be finding that eating four small meals a day works well, especially when they're full meals that focus on lots of good veggies and a little bit of good meat: salads, curries, stews, omelettes.

                    I lift heavy things occasionally, but bodyweight works better for me. I immediately start putting mass on in my thighs and butt when I start doing weighted leg work, so I avoid that. Also, as un-Primal as it is, running helps me get lean. I just do it with my husband because he pushes me to go faster.

                    In other words, whether or not I gain weight has to do with how much I'm eating and how much I'm cheating. If I'm focusing on veggies and smaller amounts of meat, I'll lose weight. If I eat too much, I'll gain. I just need to balance eating enough to keep my workouts fueled without eating too much, and that's a trick.

                    P.S. I think the other big part of my success is that I don't do any of those "Primal cheat foods" that people seem to be so fond of. I don't do Primal pseudo-breads, pancakes, cookies, muffins, and whatnot. My meals are quite often very recognizable -- you can see the meat, eggs, veggies, fruits, and everything. I really believe that if you're using all those cheat foods, you're just cheating yourself and missing the point of eating primal to begin with.
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                      Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
                      The key is to eat less. I started very low carb and got well-adapted to it. This also made my insatiable hunger stop. Now I can eat less without a struggle. I keep around 50-60 carbs a day.
                      It's as simple as that.


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                        you have to pay attention totaly on food!!
                        if you try ro avoid fast food then its mostly help in losing ypur weight!!
                        use little percente of oil in regular food!!
                        Gud Luck
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                          I'm a 31 year old woman, and I absolutely think that women can have success with this way of eating. I found CW dieting miserable and ineffective. Primal in comparison has been pretty effortless. I just cut out grains, added sugars, and bad oils. I eat 2-3 big, fatty, satisfying meals, no snacks, and move alot. I've lost 25 lbs. to get back to the weight I was 10 years ago and I have more energy and better muscle definition than I did then.

                          I've always been "blessed" with a good metabolism. As a kid I could eat whatever I wanted and stay skinny. When I was pregnant with my son I packed on a lot of weight and stayed heavier after, and found that my weight fluctuated much more easily than it had before. Now I find that as long as I stay with Primal-approved foods (I tolerate dairy well so that includes alot of cream and cheese), I can eat as much as I want again and stay very lean. I love it!


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                            I'm a 40 year old woman who has had a ton of success with Primal. I started eating/moving Primal on March 23 and as of today (July 1) I have lost 32 pounds. I eat 2 meals a day (lunch.dinner), keep my carbs between 40-70 g and have minimal dairy - a little cream in my coffee, occasionally butter, no cheese. I eat lots of meat & veggies, fruit is an occasional treat, and I use nuts as a condiment - a few almonds, walnuts or pecans chopped in salads occasionally as crouton substitute.

                            It still amazes me how EASY this has been. I've yo-yoed my whole life & dieting was always a mental stuggle for me because of the constant cravings I had eating the CW way.

                            So, as someone who lurks on the forums, I did want to say that I think there are plenty of women out here who are succeeding on Primal without posting about it all the time


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                              I lost about 15 pounds in 6 weeks back in 2010 when I discovered MDA and primal eating. Got down to 120 from about 135. That was a bit too skinny for my frame so I added more fruit and now I always hover around 125, which is my ideal weight. I've been eating this way for over 2 years now and whether I'm exercising or not, my weight pretty much stays the same. It isn't that difficult if you stick to the right foods. I eat as much as I want, sometimes that means a lot, sometimes I go 18 hours without thinking about eating. It helps to eat a lot of fatty foods -- they keep you feeling satisfied.


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                                I can do whatever I want and not lose an ounce. If I do it's back on the next day. Sigh. Of course this doens't work just like that. I have to do major portion control, and between kids and job and whatnot I don't have the selfdiscipline left. Blech.