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Have to squeal happily about a tiny little triumph

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  • Have to squeal happily about a tiny little triumph

    I'm new to Paleo/Primal. As in, just really started a few days ago. Already I have zero urge for bread and other refined sugars and carbs.

    I know that one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to changing my eating way of life is social gatherings. Not just because I feel pressured to eat what others are eating, but because *I* want to treat myself/indulge in these circumstances. I want to gorge myself on chips and cookies and all the foods that I normally do not allow in my house (they always taste better at someone else's house anyway, lol)

    So this evening I was at a Superbowl gathering with all the snacks, etc. There were chips and cookies and other bad-for-you stuff.

    I had veggies with dip (yes, probably not the best choice, but there was no salsa), some fresh berries, and a slice of cheese. That's it! (I did have a glass of red wine, too, but just one, not three as would be my usual at an event like this). So to understand this triumph, last year at a similar party, I gorged myself on chips and dip, cookies, and mountains of carbs.

    And to further understand how significant this is, I have never gone to a social gathering and not given in and started stuffing my face with all the bad stuff until I feel sick. This was a first. I consider this a very good sign.

    Honestly, I think the hardest thing to give up/cut back on is going to be red wine. I love it so much, not just the taste, but the ritual of it in my life. Does anyone drink red wine regularly on Paleo/Primal and do okay?

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    You did great. Keep up the good work!


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      First of all well done. Second stay diligent. Third welcome to a new healthier you!
      Red wine in moderation can be OK but a lot depends on your goals.
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
      Don't forget to play!


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        Dirlot and something4me: Thanks!!! And today I weigh less than I did yesterday, in contrast to how it would be if I had eaten like before!


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          Olehcat, I am a wino and proud of it. We make a yearly trip to Napa for tastings (no, I'm not rich), and I like to think our wine choices are at least the healthier ones. I lost 35 pounds when I started eating low carb two years ago, while still having 1-2 glasses a day. I could stand to lose another 20, and it would probably help to give up the wine. Thought I would try cutting dairy first, and eating less!

          It's my last vice, but at least it's not a bad one.


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            dancermom09 - thanks!! Wine is seriously the vice I find the most icky to give up. Seriously, I can do without french fries and cupcakes and sugar, but wine, it's like my last pleasure! It's such a pleasure to have a glass while cooking dinner after a stressful day at work! I know I would probably be more successful if I didn't have it, but to tell you the truth, I have given it up for long periods of time (like a month at a time) and I never noticed a movement in weight, all other things staying the same. I'm going to keep it for now. Will reduce it if I just can't lose weight


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              I love red wine as well, but after being "primal" for a couple of years now I cannot drink as much as I once could without feeling awful so I only have 2 or 3 glasses a week on average. ( I really cannot tolerate hard liquor at all any longer) I have stopped dairy, the few sweetened things I ate occasionally and wine for a 21 day challenge and lost 4 pounds the first week after not losing for over a year. After next week I will add in a little wine to see how that goes, then a piece of cheese once in awhile. The occasional piece of chocolate or yogurt sweetened with a bit of maple syrup can wait.