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  • Thanks Nameless. Maybe I'll just see what I can find in wet stuff and supplement with that. I'm open to mixing in some raw, but I'm not sure what raw food would be the best for the situation.

    HG, my concern is that we can't allow him to graze because of time constraints. He's crated when we're not home. So most days, he'd have to chow down a full 2 cups in the morning and a full 2 cups in the evening. The way he scarfs (does the dog even breathe when he eats??), that just seems like a lot to me.

    Then again, maybe I'm just amazed at how much he eats/drinks because I've just been feeding two 8lb cats for so long. 1/2 cup/day per cat compared to 3-4 cups/day for him is just blowing my mind!