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  • 4 weeks in....

    This is my first real post in this forum I started Paleo 4 weeks ago today and I have, as of weigh in this morning, lost 20 pounds. I actually dropped the first 15 in the first two weeks. So my weight loss has slowed (as I expected it to). It's amazing how much healthier I feel. I have Hashimoto's and I started this just for health reasons, with weight loss being a side effect.

    As an aside, I had a horrible rash on my wedding ring finger. I have suspected for years that I was allergic to the nickle in the white gold in my wedding ring. Less than a week into this diet and that rash completely cleared up. The only thing, before this, the "fixed" the rash, was having my ring dipped in rhodium. It's amazing.

    I am 5'6" and had a starting weight of 195, but am now down to 175. I haven't started working out yet, but will be starting that this week. I wanted to get set in this diet before I overwhelmed myself

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    Good work!! Keep it up.

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      Good job


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        Congratulations! Keep up the good work

        Goal: Feel good, be active!


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          Congratulations! By the way, that is fabulous about the rash clearing up! I have not been able to wear my original wedding ring for a similar reason. (Wear a different ring "as" the wedding ring now). I am a little over a week into the diet. Maybe the same will happen for me. Nice to meet you. Keep up the good work!
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                  Awesome job !!
                  "You can always do more than you think you can !" Sensei Scash


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                    Great job! Keep up the awesome work! It's amazing what eating this way can do for you
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