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Finally no more anemia!

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  • Finally no more anemia!

    First of all I'm from Sweden so if there are some spelling mistakes please overlook that =)

    When I was 16 I fainted after I got out of the shower one time and the doctor found out that I was severely anemic. Since then I always had really bad red blood count. They always told me "young women easily get anemic" and that I probably don't eat enough green vegetables and meat. That have always been strange to me. First of all I have a hard time imagine half of the human population are built to not be able to absorb enough iron. Second of all I always loved vegetables and meat so I can not have been eating that little.

    Anyway, so I went to the doctor today and she said all my blood values are perfect! No sign of any anemia. She was really surprised when I told her I have suffered from this for seven years. "Apperantly you're doing something right, so just keep doing what you're doing!" she told me. The only thing I changed is my diet. I started eating paleoish this summer. Still eat loads of lactose products like butter, yoghurt, kefir and cream though. I don't really eat that much more meat or vegetables than before. The biggest difference is probably that I'm really not fat-scared anymore. I eat tons of butter, eggs, olive oil, cream in coffee, cheese and all those goodies! But barely any bread and pasta compared to before. Also started eating fish Omega3 and Vitamin D supplements. I have no idea what exactly made things better but something is working wonders for my body and finally I got great blood results even though I haven't eaten any iron supplements for a whole year! Thank god I stopped listening to CW!!

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    I experienced the same thing after changing my diet (I went WAPF first, about 5 years ago, then more Primal/Paleo about 2 years ago). I remember constantly feeling weak and tired throughout high school. Not any more!
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