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    I've learned that:

    My body saying "EAT SUGAR!" is actually just it being confused and thinking sugar is another name for bacon and butter.

    Mashed turnips =/= mashed potatoes

    2% milk makes me want to vomit

    Frying bacon half asleep in my boxers is never a good idea

    No matter how well you explain your reasons for going primal some people will still look at you like you're a nutter

    And of course,everything is better with bacon....EVERYTHING!
    Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who has said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own experience.

    In the mind of the beginner, there are many possibilities; in the mind of the expert, there are few.

    I've shaken hands with a raccoon and lived to tell the tale

    SW: 220- 225 pounds at the beginning of January
    CW: 180 pounds

    Goals for 2012: Lose a bit more fat and start a serious muscle and strength routine


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      I guess the big one for me is that saturated animal fat is the key to happiness. It
      - destroyed my insatiable hunger
      - stopped the pain in my feet
      - made me into a happy, friendly person
      - caused me to lose weight and feel healthy
      Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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        Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
        - stopped the pain in my feet
        Echo the above.

        Things I've learned:
        1) How awesome sardines are
        2) How awesome it is to have lots of energy so often
        3) It's OK to miss a meal
        4) Visit your local butcher
        5) In terms of exercise, use the big muscle groups and the auxiliary ones tend to take care of themselves
        6) Olympic lifts

        And one regret: I wish I had discovered the PB in college!!!


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          I can overcome my sugar addiction. It is also possible to replace a sugar addiction with a coconut manna addiction.

          My body prefers juicy meat, bacon, and olives over sugary treats.

          Eggs aren't so very bad. They still aren't good though.

          Lower fat chicken sausage is nasty.

          I can have self-control.

          Cooking all my meals isn't all that time consuming--just massive dirty dish producing.

          I need to find new spice mixes.
          5'9", 31 yr old female
          SW 364 - Started Primal about 12/5/11
          CW 293
          2nd GW 270

          YAY! Vit. D deficiency gone and HDL finally over 40! 1/20/12


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            If I want something sweet, i'll try to go for a banana or other piece of fruit instead of some processed Protein bar.

            Good pastured butter is so much better than cheap butter.

            To eat greens or salad at every meal if possible.

            To not be affraid of going a fair amount of time without eating. I regret believing in the 6-8 meals before I started eating this way. It made me not eat enough to be fully saited which led to obsessing over food.


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              Originally posted by J_walking_jonny View Post
              If I want something sweet, i'll try to go for a banana or other piece of fruit instead of some processed Protein bar.

              I usualy do a pineapple diped in greek yogurt. Delicious. Tends to be Sunday breakfast.
              Warning: I'm an anarcho-capitalist political activist. It gets into everything.



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                Something I've learned: any time I think I want bread, really all I'm wanting is the butter.

                OMG, that's ME!
                Now everytime I crave bread I just head to the fridge and get a stick of unsalted butter


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                  Hahaha, laughed at winencandy's coconut oil hair thing. I went throughout the same--I slater it on my body, eat it with amazing effects, why not replace my $$$ moroccon oil with coconut. I have very thick, not oily hair, and it was a disaster!

                  I have learned that for me three meals with HUGE breakfast, and no snacking ever is the way to avoid the frantic hunger I have felt my entire life (don't forget high quality primal fats and meats and a ton of coconut products)
                  Started Whole30 December 31, 2011
                  Integrated Leptin Reset/Jack Kruse plan Jan 13, 2012
                  Starting Weight: 174.8
                  CW:160.0 lbs


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                    Okay here's a new one....

                    90lbs lighter means you can't hold your alcohol anymore :O


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                      I've learned that I really do have bones and muscles under all this fat. Woohoo!!! Oh, and raw milk is the bomb!