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  • A work in progress!!

    As my name suggests I'm a Scotsman, who moved to the good ole US of A some 7 years ago. Those of you who know any Scots will know that we are generally brought up to eat everything on your plate lest you starve to death (or get no pudding - dessert to y'all). Having moved to Houston , Tx, imagine the challenge I saw when I got served up some 'famous' Texas sized portions - I took on the challenge and won. Taking a 'to-go' box was never an option, however, I did end up taking a lot more home than I bargained for.

    I was a well toned 238lbs when I first came here - a product of 'clean', conventional wisdom eating, and hours in the gym, although I did tear a muscle in my back just before I moved here so had to lay off the weights for a year or so (and conveniently forgot to get back on them). I'm 6'4" by the way and did look pretty good (in my opinion at least) - certainly good enough to attract the girl of my dreams (my now wife of 6 years+). My weight started creeping up a bit, and the odd pound here or there was not much of a worry, then before I knew it I hit 250, then 260. When I hit 260 I took up cycling as a means to lose weight, but despite 2-3000+miles of training, never managed to get my weight below a 'healthy' 258 - I was fit and would easily cycle 70-80 miles on a saturday morning, but no way was I going to challenge Lance and the boys on the Tour, and I was still supersized.

    During May 2010 I was visiting a friend in Singapore and he suggested I should read Mark's Primal Blueprint book. I bought it in July 2010 and read it cover to cover over a couple of days. It all makes sense, even the clever bits, and I kept revving up to 'give it a go'. Like many of you I had a number of false starts, then work got crazy, and junk food and beers after work became the norm...... the tenets in the book stayed in my mind, but I never seemed to be able to get a clear run at starting a primal lifestyle.... The book stayed on the shelf......

    On 21st November 2011 (three days before T/Giving) I confidently jumped on the scales after a weekend of yard work, and was absolutely stunned to see the read out at 269lbs!! Where the hell did all that come from - my 260lbs (38") pants still fit!! Of course my pants did still fit but they were curving downward under the strain of my belly (I had to finally concede that it really isn't a fuel tank for a love machine!!).

    I was so disgusted with myself, that I decided there and then to embark on a primal trial and have stuck with it ever since. At a starting weight of 269lbs on 21st Nov 2011 I've dropped to 250lbs as of the 13th Jan 2012 (4" off of my gut and waist measurements in just under 8 weeks)- trust me I didn't starve at Thanksgiving or Christmas (although did skip all the processed junk), and certainly did not hold back on the celebratory drinking either, although switched from beer to wine for the most part.

    I really don't eat any processed crap anymore and feel so much better for it. I am very fortunate in that I'm able to eat mostly organic - but so far I've yet to find someone who'll split a bison with me!!.

    After starting my paleo adventure I luckily never got any of the carb withdrawal headaches, and was very surprised that the post lunch processed carb fatigue (PCF?) stopped almost immediately - I'm lovin' it but not McMissing anything.

    My wife is an amateur photographer, so I never even considered getting 'before' photos taken as she would surely have some plump ones on file - imagine my disappointment when I realized all the photos she took over the last year were of me sitting down and artfully done to hide my rotundness! However, I did get her to take some photos on 9th January (252ish) , which I'll post as soon as I can find a 'before' photo to allow some kind of comparison.

    I've followed this forum for over a year, and felt like some kind of voyeur, peeking at the success stories of many of you (to whom I take off my hat). So, if you are new to this and considering giving it a try, what do you really have to lose, other than weight!! I've still got a long way to go to meet my target of 220lbs, but I feel so much better than I did 20lbs ago and have already got my wife half paleo (she's already skinny), and have one of my buddies from work embarking on the same journey (he's dropped 8lbs since the start of this year!!)

    Last weekend I doubled the size of my available wardrobe (without spending a dime) by trying on clothes that I hadn't worn, nor been able to wear, for the last few years (I'm sure they'll be trendy again soon!!) - but did have the great experience of wearing a pair of 34" jeans that I bought 3 years ago, but never wore until last weekend......

    I should maybe have posted this on the success stories, but without photos would feel a bit of a fraud - and as I'm still a work in progress, felt it inappropriate.......

    Photos coming soon along with progress updates......

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    Great story. You have a wonderful sense of humor and I really enjoy your writing. Good luck on the rest o your journey.


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      Get the pics up big yin (fae a fellow Scotsman)