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First two major successes on PB

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  • First two major successes on PB

    I started on PB Sept. 1st. My stats then were 6'0" 296lbs. i have followed the plan probably 99% of the time, pretty strict, only two non pb meals, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. As of last Thursday morning (1/12/12) I was at 240.6 lbs. From 9/1/11 until today I have followed PB, and done an organized 1 hour bootcamp, M/W/F mornings at 5am. I have done very little running outside of these bootcamp workouts. I did complete a 5K at Halloween and a 10K at Thanksgiving.

    So my first success happened between christmas and new years when I broke through 250lbs.

    My wife and I signed up for a half marathon back in August that was scheduled for 1/15/12. I went for a run last Wednesday night, 6 miles, and both my hamstring and calf cramped at 5.5 miles into the run. This freaked me out and I realized that I was dehydrated, so starting Thursday, I drank a gallon of water a day and increased my carb intake for the additional fuel needed for the race. As of Sunday morning at 4:30am I weighed 257 lbs (+17lbs in 3 days), so obviously I was severly dehydrated. That little cramp session was for a reason though, since I ran the event, did not walk and finished in 2:32.35. I weighed 253 after I got home from the race.

    So the second success is being fit enough to complete the half marathon without walking.

    I am not really into running, nor do i want to be. i really enjoy the bootcamp (similar to crossfit) and will continue to go to it and run some 5ks along the way. My wife and I signed up for the half marathon together to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. So now that it is complete I can just get back to focusing on PB and the bootcamps.

    As of this morning I am back on PB 100% and focused on dropping below 200lbs by June 1st.

    I did learn a tremendous amount about my body, capabilities, nutrition and hydration over the past week. Definetly watch out eating very low carb if you are planning exercises that will be for long duration (1+ hours). Your muscles will need enough fuel to keep them going for that extended time. I never had a problem hydration wise, during the 1 hour workouts.

    Good luck to everyone, set your goals and get after them!
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