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    Wow, Sol -- that's awesome! Not just the weight loss but that you're finding success with being able to stick to primal. That's what I love about primal. I don't feel deprived and starving. The most I've lost was 25 lbs but managed to gain that back just recently. But that's okay! Because I'm getting back on track and I know things will turn around again like they did before ^.^

    And low fat, low carb? EW.
    Lindsay Groks On

    "Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
    -- Mark Twain


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      Thank you, ladies, and best of luck to you!

      Actually I think Dukan is on the right track in that, by restricting fat and carbs at the same time, he makes the body start burning body fat from the very first day - this is ketosis, I guess, or zero-carb. This is why his regimen is so effective. But it's very difficult to follow (too monotonous and unappetizing) - that's one of the drawbacks. And the worst part is, after you've lost the weight you wanted to lose, you go back to following your "normal" diet where you have no restrictions, provided you have one protein-only day every week. That way, having put you in ketosis and a fat-burning mode first, he then tells you to go back to carb-burning mode. And that cannot be good for the body. Indeed, many people who manage to lose a lot of pouns with Dukan, regain at least part of that weight afterwards, unless they are wise enough to eat low-carb.


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        I was in seriously deep ketosis when I did Dukan. I lost a lot of weight, but was extremely buzzed...all the time. Never thought I could have that much energy. It was almost annoying. I am in a much better place now. I think you are totally right about the reboud weight gain on that one. The faster you lose, the faster it comes back if you are not careful.