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Women who have lost over 100 lbs.

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  • Women who have lost over 100 lbs.

    Are there any women on here who have lost over 100 lbs? I see the success stories of men and of women who have lost less than 100 but wanted to hear about the journey of any women who have lost more than 100lb. I have a lot to lose and just want some inspiration. Starting primal today.

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    I hope to be by summer.. 45 pounds gone now

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    What am I doing? Depends on the day.


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      I've lost close to 80 lbs, so I'm getting there! I was in a car accident this fall, and it's really thrown me for a loop, so I suspect I've gained a few lbs back but not much. I'm wearing clothes I never thought I'd fit into again, and they still fit. I think it just takes longer with us, and women tend to not recognize or promote ourselves and our successes like the guys do, esp if we were very overweight. I rely on friends to tell me that I look like I've lost weight, because I can't mentally recognize it, even after losing so much. I still have a ways to go too.
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        As you can see from my sig, I'm not quite there either, but now that the holidays are over (and I survived them without gaining weight or 'falling off the wagon') I'm really looking forward to the next 50-60 lbs gone! As soon as I get to that mark, I might even get brave enough to post some pics.

        I know it IS possible, so jump right in and enjoy this new way of living! The best thing is how effortless it has become... because you don't feel deprived or stressed over counting calories, weighing food or eating out of a box. Just learn the very basic precepts of PB, pay attention to what works for you and Grok on!
        Started 7/5/11 at 274 lbs
        Now 214 -- that's 60 lbs!
        Goal 160 lbs -- last time there was in junior high!

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          I am close. I had lost the first 40 pounds or so before I was introduced to the paleo/primal approach. It was a painful process. Most importantly, I was less and less heavy but certainly not more and more healthy. If I had known this website, it would have been much easier and faster.

          It can be done - do not hesitate and start as soon as you can.


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            I've lost 141 pounds total but 120 of that was from having a gastric bypass. The last 21 have been because of the PB. I have another 19 to go. My goal is 140. I started the entire journey at 300.


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              I've got about 110lbs to take off. I've taken off about 20 so far and still have a long ways to go. I started at 255lbs at 5' 5". I've got plans to go backpacking and kayaking when I get enough off that I can do it and have fun and keep up. I'm hoping to get under 200 by Mayish-Junish. I'm dealing with type II diabetes, hypothyroid and asthma(had that all my life), none of them are helpful when trying to lose weight. Our first camping trip of the year is in April. Hubby has about 160lbs to take off and has lost about 30lbs. (yeah he had 190lbs to lose, he was 390lbs).

              My mission of the day is to go out and play with my 4 year old son in our first snow of the year.


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                Mission achieved.


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                  Originally posted by Farfalla View Post
                  Mission achieved.
                  Congratulations! I see from your BMI that you're very close to losing that 'obese' label.

                  I've lost 33 lbs so far (the last 19 or so on primal).

                  I'm aiming for a total loss of at least 50 lbs, by the end of September this year.
                  F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.


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                    Farfalla - way to go! I dream of 100lb loss. I have never lost more than 20. I am confident if I just keep plugging away with the Primal lifestyle I will get there eventually!

                    Originally posted by L8F
                    ... I drank the fermented koolaid, and am totally on board...

                    I'm alergic to carbs - they make me break out in fat!


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                      Originally posted by paleo-bunny View Post
                      Congratulations! I see from your BMI that you're very close to losing that 'obese' label.

                      I've lost 33 lbs so far (the last 19 or so on primal).

                      I'm aiming for a total loss of at least 50 lbs, by the end of September this year.
                      Originally posted by Fabbecky View Post
                      Farfalla - way to go! I dream of 100lb loss. I have never lost more than 20. I am confident if I just keep plugging away with the Primal lifestyle I will get there eventually!

                      Thank you! I will keep my fingers crossed for you so you accomplish your goals as well. And yes, I am anxious to be "just" overweight although I know how meaningless BMI is, particularly for my body constitution (I will always be a big girl, even with an enviable body fat percentage).


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                        I've lost 102 lbs. I lost the first 40lbs by dropping nightshades (they seriously screwed me up w/ AI issues) and then gluten free. About 9 months later a friend suggested I drop all grains and checkout paleo/primal. That was a year ago last Jan 3rd. As of September (9 months later) I'd lost 100lbs. I've been stalled all fall (have put a few back on actually), but I did that last year too, so for me it seems to be a seasonal thing. Looking forward to spring and summer again when I am really busy with yard work, outdoor projects and swimming. It takes a while for your body to heal from whatever problems your diet has caused over the years, so for some, this process is slow.

                        Two years ago I was curled in a ball on the couch most days in so much pain I could barely take care of things. I was taking more than the max dosage of Ibuprofen and needed narcotics to sleep (nightshades do this to me). Now I take nothing for pain. It is so different to live pain free. I actually got a ski pass this year (3 yrs ago they said I needed both knees replaced - very bad arthritis) because I felt so good all summer and am looking for more "play" time. Just keep at it. Do your best and stay away from grains and excessive carbs. Eat a big protien breakfast and don't snack between meals. Keep learning more each day and you will find what works for you.


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                          I'm sneaking up on the 100lb mark. I'll have been eating Primal for a year in March, and the best thing about it all is that there hasn't been a single day of "struggle". I don't have to agonize over eating right or exercising because I'm no longer fighting biology on either of those counts. What CW always translated as "cravings" and "lack of self control" it turns out is "your body's actual need for good, saturated fat and protein". When I started trusting my body and eating exactly what I wanted when I wanted, the weight issue just corrected itself.
                          And exercise--I don't torture myself with treadmills and endless road jogging. Some days I wake up feeling squirrely, and immediately want to go climb something or lift rocks, or play games (hula hoop, jump-rope), do some heavy work in the yard--really exert some effort, early in the morning. Other days I just want to be outside, and puttering around in the air and sunshine. Some days I feel like laying around with a book and a pot of tea all day. So far, all I've done is trust my body to know what it needs, and I'm around 90lbs down as of today.

                          I'm sure I'll need to tighten up the "rules" as I get closer to ideal body composition, but for now I really don't sweat it much at all. Nightshades don't mess with me, but grains really do. We eat taters and/or yams at least once or twice a week, and I will sometimes drink a quart of grass-fed raw cream in a day if I'm traveling and don't want to have to worry about finding good food. I put butter on everything. Yesterday morning for breakfast I had leftover blue-rare elk burger and broccoli both cooked in home-rendered lamb tallow and topped with butter and sea salt.

                          I honestly can't really find good words to tell you how easy this all is for me, because it all comes in language that relates to dieting experiences. This truly isn't like that for me. After maybe a week or two of consciously eating PB-style, my brain just clicked into "nourished" mode and from there on out food became a mental non-issue. Before, in low-fat-whole-grain mode, every hour of my life I was thinking about food--what I wanted, what I couldn't have, feeling bad for wanting something I shouldn't eat, what I was supposed to eat next, what I'd eaten over the course of the week... I mean, it was endless. Torturous.

                          There were a few weeks in the beginning where I had a fit of sweet-tooth, and I get a jones-on for something non-primal once in a while, but the difference now is that I can treat myself or not in a totally rational way. I know if it's really going to taste as good as my prior-self thought and whether it's worth the indulgence... and I know the difference between a random treat craving and actual hunger for real food. That might seem like a "no sh!t" thing to some, but before I always felt like when I wanted fatty food it was because there was something wrong with me, and whether the "want" was french fries or fatty cuts of meat it was all the same "no self control" issue. Does that make sense?

                          On a day-in, day-out basis, this is so comfortable as to be ridiculous. I know I'm going to have to work harder once the last twenty or thirty pounds is in sight, but I still have a ways to go before I get there. For now I'm just doing what my body tells me to do and it's working shockingly well.

                          One piece of specific advice that meant the world to me starting out: don't weigh yourself routinely. If you own a scale, give it to a friend to hide from you for at least six months. You have to disconnect the notions of "feeding yourself correctly" and "dieting". They're two totally different things. You aren't "dieting" here, you're re-learning how to feed yourself. The weight issue will correct itself if you just get out of the way. I think it was crucial for me in the beginning to focus on all the other signs that I was doing the right thing. Recognizing all the other changes as they came was a big part of getting re-connected to my own body, and that in turn strengthened my ability to trust my body to tell me when/what/how to eat and exercise. When I finally did step on a scale I was honestly shocked to see that I'd dropped 45 pounds without feeling like I'd exerted a single minute of stress or effort over it.

                          Welcome--you're doing the right thing.
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                            I lost 110lbs. Like others this was pre primal. But it has been eating, grain, legume, dairy, nightshade free and keeping fairly low carb, that has enabled me to keep off the weight and to regain my health. I'd lost and regained 70-80lbs a couple of times previously. This time, I've kept the weight off for a good few years now. No going back! It is completely freeing.

                            Enjoy your primal life!


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                              I just discovered this thread & think its amazing! You ladies have done an incredible job! You are all such an inspiration!! I have 100 pounds to lose & this thread has helped me so much! I "went primal" on Jan. 3rd & haven't looked back. This is so not like any other diet I've ever tried & like most folks I've tried tons of 'em!! Mixie I really appreciated your post! This is so easy I almost feel guilty!! I wonder if I might use something you said (with due credit of course) "You aren't dieting here, you're relearning how to feed yourself" as a signature line? That is so so true!!

                              I started my primal journey at 218. My highest weight ever has been 225. I'm only 5'1". So my goal is to get back to 118. So far since the 3rd I've lost almost 10 pounds. Only another 1/8th of pound to go!! lol Yes I weigh every day...for me it works, I know it doesn't for alot of folks.

                              Krissy, thank you for starting this thread! I'm going to come back here often when I need a lift!!
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