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My beginners success....

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  • My beginners success....

    Hello All,
    My names Nick, I live in the UK and have just completed my second week of going primal. Firstly I love this site, so much information and inspiration - I'm on here every day looking for tips, recipes etc.

    Anyway, I started at 379lb - yes a big guy that's for sure - I am eating one evening meal per day drinks loads of water, and as far as I know doing everything correctly.
    Well, the first week I lost 12pounds - which I knew would be mostly water weight etc but still a good feeling for me, just finished my second week and I am down another 6 pounds so am really thrilled - that's 18 pounds in two weeks.

    Just as good are the added extras, like when I started I could only manage a 10 minute lunchtime walk - I can now walk for an hour - so even my dog is benefiting... Also noticing my clothes fitting better already.

    I have taken my 'before' photos, keeping a record on Fitday and just generally looking forward to each week.

    I am wondering what to do about xmas day - Should I continue the lifestyle or just join in with the Family for the day eating sausage rolls etc. I did have a glass or Red wine yesterday but feel stangely guilty about it this morning so may knock alcohol on the head completely.

    In any case I am one motivated guy right now....

    Hope you are all doing well too
    Best wishes
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    You're off to a great start! Stay strong!

    Enjoy Christmas with your family. If you want to have a sausage roll peel the pastry off and eat the meat in the middle. The folks might look at you funny but that's what I would do Eat the meat, the veg. Skip the stuffing and the Xmas cake.

    If the family pressures you, you tell them you lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks then ask them what they've done lately!
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      You're doing great! My suggestion about food on Christmas day is to just stick with primal. I eat around family and friends all the time, and they don't look at me differently because I don't eat bread or drink soda. Bring a bag/box of your favorite holiday fruit to share (clementines, grapefruits, pomegranates) and eat that instead.

      A question for you: how do you keep yourself from eating during the day? I would be so hungry. I'm a horrible faster.
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        That's the thing about fasting... After a few hours of hunger you go beyond that and it's all gravy. You just have to learn that the blue sky lies beyond the short valley of pain.

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          Hi All

          to Alg2435 - I started by grazing on a few nuts and berries during the day then having my main meal in the evening for 2 weeks, then I made the switch to fasting the whole day. I do get the occasional hunger pang but is is kind of 'in the background' not major at all.

          Hope this helps,

          Regards and best of luck,
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              Nick ~ this is a great lifestyle, sustainable over the rest of your now-much-longer life. Still, I'm a bit envious of your "falling in love" phase -- such sweet joy and full of daily surprises.

              Don't fret too much about Christmas. As Mark suggests, plan on 100% and be cool with 80% if it happens. If you end up eating the sausage rolls after planning not to, so be it. It's quite possible that your body will remind you -- painfully -- Why We Don't Eat Wheat.

              Just don't panic, or let that beast-voice within tell you "now that you've blown it, might as well go all the way -- you'll never stick with this anyway." Or some other such ploy to get you back into the SAD death spiral. I've had one tumble off the wagon, followed by a horrid feeling of panic. And then I realized that "those days" are over, climbed back on board, and find I have more confidence than I did before eating that plate of huckleberry-loaded applesauce cake. Yep. Entire plate. Flatulence, painful inflammation in my feet and hands, and a stuffy nose lasted two days, along with a couple of pounds of water weight. (Don't eat poisonous things.) By day three I was back to feelin' fine.
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