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  • Slowwww Weight Loss?

    Hi everyone!

    I have been eating wheat/grain free for about 3 weeks now since discovering this site and reading Mark's book. I am becoming totally convinced that this is the best way to eat/live!!

    At 5'9, I currently weigh 225lbs (I do have a good base of muscle). I have been desperately trying to get back down to my ideal weight of around 160 (4 years ago), but after trying for 3 years, I haven't been successful, despite heavy exercise, and a moderately clean diet. My doctor and a dietitian I once saw can't figure out why I don't lose weight, or lose very very little (but only if I am consistent with the exercise and healthy eating). I've had my thyroid checked multiple times, but they've been normal levels.

    Overall I'm doing very well with the Primal diet- I eat a lot of eggs, meats, olive oil, vegetables, and cheese, avocados, almonds, and sometimes I'll have a sweet potato on days that I do heavy exercise such as running or mountain biking. I'm trying to go very low carb, but it's been hard! This week I have been eating around 80 grams of carbs on average, and around 1600 calories. I have "cheated" during these two weeks, but only a little bit (some wheats and sugars). I'm just not sure that I'm losing any weight. The scale will fluctuate. Some mornings it says 221 and then a day later it'll be up to 226... I know weight fluctuates, but at the end of the week, I'd really like to see those numbers go down!!

    Any ideas of what could help me lose weight faster? I'm reading that a lot of people are experiencing big weight losses in the first few weeks. I need this to happen!! Should I cut out dairy?

    Thanks for any advice!

    Overweight athlete going PRIMAL

    SW: 228lb
    GW: 160lb by August 2012

    11/24/11- 222
    12/30/11- 229
    1/7/12- 225
    1/17/12 (2 weeks into Whole30)- 218
    5/15/12- 218 (Need motivation to eat a clean Primal diet!!)

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    I'm half way through the Taubes book Why we get fat and what to do about it! The only thing I can suggest is that you read this and learn that there are no absolutes about any of it. Gary Taubes really wants calories not to count but since it's all such a personal thing, depending so much on your personal enzymes and hormones only you can experiment with your own body's needs. Do cut carbs, all sugar, grains, etc. after that? Just experiment with it all.


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      id suggest a whole30 no dairy no nuts no tubers no sugar no grains, u want to lose a pretty substantial amount of weight u gotta be a lil strict on urself, unfortunately no cheating!
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        Dairy can be a problem for a lot of people but you don't notice how bad it affects you until you cut it out.
        I'd say try cutting it out for 30 days and then reintroduce it.

        Other than that from what you've mentioned your food sounds fine, obviously the cheating isn't helping though...


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          there are several things you should be doing differently.

          1.) no cheating. You want to lose weight, right? It's not hard to be strict. Just don't move your hand from the bread to your mouth. Running a marathon is hard. Starvation is hard. This is not.

          2.) put the scale away. Judge by how you feel and look, and by how your jeans fit. The scale shows you the numeric interpretation of what's literally inside of you. That number is affected by many things, even stress. The scale should not determine how you feel while eating primal.

          3.) don't eat sometimes. check out the intermittent fasting threads around here. I fast 3-4 times a week, and usually only eat 1-2 meals a day. Try skipping your next meal or two, and try that a few times. See how you start to feel. Just be careful not to gorge when you eat again.

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            I would suggest no cheats at all for a few weeks at least. After that... yeah, maybe if it keeps you sane, but wheat is probably THE worst cheat, and every time you do it sets you back. Later on, after months of healing, it's not as detrimental, but in the beginning it can really mess up any progress you've made.


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              I went low carb following the site, which is fairly similar to the primal and paleo stuff. I didn't see any weight loss at all for 6 weeks. It took that long for me to adjust, get over the low carb flu, get my strength back, start to get over the dehydration and electrolyte issues. Then weight loss started for me. And here I am on week 8 now and I'm finally starting to feel that sense of having a lot of energy. But the weight loss is still very slow. It is harder for us women, especially those of us 40 and up. There's a great thread started by paleobird somewhere around here where she sums up what actually works for us women. Sadly, it involves calorie counting. However, eating real food, food with real fat and real protein is satisfying even if you have to restrain yourself a bit.
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                Hows it going now?
                Dairy has been stalling me too, day 2 without it and the scales have moved down already


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                  I am having a similar problem but being a woman over 40, almost 50 makes it a bit more complicated. As of the 1/3 I cut out all dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, and very little nuts but I might have to give them up too. he first week I lost 8 pounds, bam. The second week I have lost nadda, zip zilch. I put away the scale today and will weigh in one week. I do feel incredible and have TONS of energy. I'm going to bank on that and keep pluggin ahead. No matter what happens I feel so much better and that is good in itself. Where is the thread by paleobird on all this? I would love to read it.