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    Hi, everyone.

    I've gotten really good at decreasing my sugar consumption on a daily basis (some days I eat no sugar at all) and have been really enjoying the way I feel with intermittent fasting/intermittent feeding (started this two weeks ago).

    About fruit: I make batches of a sauce to use on my meat and veggies. The sauce is blended in my fruit processor. It contains:

    1 avocado

    2 cups mixed berries

    1 peach

    1 plum

    1 apple (usually Granny Smith, Fuji, Mitsu Or Pink Lady)

    1 pear (Bartlett, usually)

    1 plumcot or apricot

    A handful of dried prunes

    1 lemon

    1 lime

    1 carrot

    1 red beet

    1 golden beet

    Seasone with chipotle chile powder and curry

    Whenever I do eat this, it's only cumulatively about 4 tablespoons in a day over the course of the day as a sauce on my meat and sauteed/stir-fried greens. It's a nice alternative to barbecue sauce or ketchup.

    I'm wondering if this little sweet indulgence with my meat and veggies still will keep my carb count relatively low.

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    Again, I don't eat this even every day. First instance, I'll be breaking a 24 hour fast this evening, and will probably juste eat meat, like I normally do when I break fasts in the evening. I've been alternating with fast every other day.

    By that I mean that I eat every day. For instance, if I'm approaching a fast day, I'll may have my last meal the afternoon or evening before and then break the fast around the same approximate time on the next day... eating as my hunger dictates up until the last pre-fast meal for the next fast.


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      Any feedback?


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        As long as you do not consume the whole batch of BBQ sauce in one sitting (although that sounds mighty tasty ) you should be fine in my humble opinion!


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          Thanks, thebkon.

          I never consume the whole batch at one time. In fact, it usually lasts me for two weeks or more.


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            looks fantastic, I'll have to try it. I've been watching to see if anyone who knows about it will respond my opinion is purely from a taste standpoint


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              Hi, darien.

              I think I may add some apple cider or balsamic vingar to the recipe. I forgot to mention that I also use fresh figs in it too. Again, it's only a sauce that's used sparingly on meals.

              I'm already pretty fit (I'm 31, 5'11'; 187 lbs.; approximately 10% body fat) I'm just trying to further limit my sugar intake for the following reasons:

              1. I notice that i feel better physically and mentally with no crazy spikes and crashes in blood glucose

              2. I've notice myself looking better as I've gotten my diet really on point.

              3. Most of all, my dad developed type 2 diabtetes in his early 40s and ended up dying from an apparent, massive, sudden cardiovascular or cerebrovascular event (Not quite sure as the body was never autopsied. In the latter years of his life prior to his diabetes onset, my dad was totally sedentray and had an awful diet . I recall we'd have breaded and deep-fried meets with sides of sliced bread and sweet corner for dinner quite frequently. A far cry from my diet of meats and greens now. Just recently I introduced my mom to Swiss Chard. She'd never seen this in her life.