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    Just some thoughts:

    ONE: Be successful.
    Success is truly in YOUR own hands. Primal will help YOU better yourself both physically and mentally if YOU let it. It comes down to YOU, which is damn hard in this world full of pressure and CW. But if YOU honestly decide to change your life with Primal, and stick to that decision...Change will happen. Be it measured by 1 pound or 100, 15 pull-ups or 1, one health issue or many. When there is change, even if slight, it is Success.

    TWO: Conquer fear.
    Fear inhibits change, which halts Conquer it! This is something i have had to deal with personally. I have also read a couple of posts lately that show people continuing to allow fear to control. I'm not talking about being fearful of the dark, or snakes, or heights, etc...I am talking about knowingly or subconsciously fearing your own abilities. Personally, I have always used the "i don't want to be too small" justification, which lead to me thinking i needed to weigh more than i should. When i stared that thinking in the face, i realized it was a Fear. I Feared instead of conquering that fear, i let it control me and my thinking. The Primal lifestyle has let me conquer this fear...which has lead to me having substantial success! And I want each and every one of YOU to be successful too!
    CW is full of fearful family and friends included. They fear the 'unknown' and the 'unconventional', not realizing that letting their fear control is what has led to them being overweight/unhealthy/unhappy/tired/etc. If they just realized they have the strength and ability within them to conquer that fear, it would lead to happier healthier lives.
    On this forum I see many posts of people that are allowing their fears to control their success. Examples: I can't give up grains; i can't give up alcohol; I can't eat that; and the one that gets me the most, I don't want to be skinny...just healthy. I'm here to call B.S.! YES YOU CAN! These types of statements show that fear still has a grip on you, and it is limiting your success. CONQUER IT! Take the control back, and go for it. It's not easy and comes with interpersonal challenges/fights/debates/justifications, but stay strong and shortly you will realize you have the strength and ability to accomplish whatever you want.
    I'm not suggesting that you need to give things up forever, completely, period. I'm suggesting you do that for a period of time to Conquer that fear. Doing that allows YOU to regain control, and takes the power from the fear. When you have control, you will will be able to make the right choices for you based on rational thoughts...rather than irrational fears.
    Go forth and Conquer!

    THREE: Lead by example.
    I am on this Journey with many people...i just happen to be the only one that is Primal. You see, as much as I would love for my journey to be a Primal Journey only, it can't be. Primal can only be a part of the big Journey called life. For the people that are with me on my journey CW is a tough obstacle to overcome. I have found that arguing, explaining to people that don't want to listen, and being the butt of jokes gets I choose to lead them by example. They get fatter, I get leaner. They are tired, I am energetic, They are out of breath, I PRESS ON! While they are behind me, they can't help but see my success...even if its just for a split-second...and that spurs thoughts. My hope is that these thoughts lead to real questions for guidance (rather than the questions that are formed for an argument). I strive for the people i'm on my journey with to be as happy and healthy as I am. So I will press on and continue showing them how happy and healthy they could be, and when they are ready I will be there to give them a hand.


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    good advice!
    I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

    You're never going to get to the top of the stairs if you don't walk up them.


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