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My Mum is primal and doesn't even know it!

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  • My Mum is primal and doesn't even know it!

    I''m so happy for my mum!! She has lost 12kg at the age of 69!

    I just had to pass this one for all the older primals out there.

    My mum has never ever been able to lose weight by dieting. But, with both of us at about 95kg (190pounds or so) (I'm 43). She knew she had to do something. She only walkes a bit, slow movement, stationary bike and lifting food cans in her lounge room. Dancing at home and just TRYING to move.

    We live in different states and talk on the phone a lot. After a false start where she ate mostly vegetables/salad and various meats, she jumped on the scale to see 4kg down!! She actually stopped weighing herself after that because it actually scared her!

    Somewhere in both our minds we are scare to be slim. (another story).

    IF: She says wow! I had an egg and some steamed veggies for breakfast and didn't need to eat again til 2pm!.. She is sooo amazed at the lack of appetite. If she has porridge for breakfast she is ravenous a within a short time. So she is doing small stints of IF without evening knowing it has a name.

    Now.. the reason I am sharing this is she knows nothing about primal. Has no internet access at home, and has never taken any interest in diets. Always cooked in a traditional eastern european way. She started with some advice from a friend, and it grew into a primal way of eating because she listened to her body.

    Which just shows she has gravitated naturally to this sort of eating. And feels the best in many many years!!!

    So, me who knows about diets, etc, can now take my advice from her.
    Too much information is not always a good thing. Because she listened to her body, she ended up primal without even knowing it.

    I'm so proud of her!!

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    that is amazing!! wish I could get my mom to do something similar but she's too stubborn to give up her bread lol

    Kudos to your mom!!! that's a real feat to lost that much at her age (i'm told, anyway!) woohoo!


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      I just recently "converted" my BFF who is 80 and who I think of as my second Mom. For her the sticking point was her morning oatmeal but now she realizes how much better she feels without it. She used to be one of those people who would have snacks in their purse at all times and would get hypoglycemic if she didn't eat something every 3 hours. No she can sail right on through, passing up bad food temptations and holding out for real food.

      The cool thing about her is that she already knows how to cook Primally. It's what she learned as a child. She makes stuff like brisket and pot roast to die for and her own soups with homemade stock. She is teaching me about how to cook things like offal and make them delicious.

      She is not losing a ton of weight yet but she is really changing shape. After having seven kids she sort of resigned herself to being apple shaped but now she is re-discovering her waistline. Yay.


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        The weird annoying thing is my mum always said to me "we can't lose weight, its genetic, you have no control over it!" Which obviously is not true.
        But for older primals, perhaps not losing weight and they want to, I can only tell you what my pear shaped mums is eating. Mostly home made LOW FAT meats, raw or steamed veggies, and maybe one apple a day. Lots of lettuce, no dressing etc and the occassional egg.

        It still seems to be calorie restriction that does it.

        It HAS taken months though.


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          I started talking to my mom about Primal and she was super interested. I sent her some info from MDA and I really hope that I can get her on it!