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First 7-weeks and flying high

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  • First 7-weeks and flying high

    I started the Primal Blueprint about 7 weeks ago... jumped in at about a 70/30 rate and increased over the weeks following. I was running at 100% up till last week when I got a really horrible cold and had to run with the 80/20 rule. So after 7-weeks with a bump or two in the road I've lost a total of 17 pounds. I was a rumbly 250lbs. I worked out three to four days a week - combination of jogging and lifting - couldn't lose a pound. Now, I did NOT watch my eating so much and the weekends were filled with mixed drinks with the neighbors and friends - after hours burgers and tacos. I found this site and then bought the books promptly. After spending a couple days absorbing all the information and adjusting the information to fit my lifestyle I have successfully dropped 17 lbs. I lost only a couple pounds the first week and maybe another one or two the second week but by the third week I jumped into hyper drive on my weight loss. Suddenly my energy was increasing and I found myself wanting to take walks and no longer wanting to run run run all the time - thinking that's how to lose weight. Here I was walking the dog for an hour or so every couple days - sprinting (or in my case rowing my hinder off) - lifting heavy things at least two days a week and spending no more than an hour doing it. And BOOM, 7 weeks later I'm down to 233lbs. I was able to boost my weight loss by taking one day and fasting to see how I would adjust to it. No problem what-so-ever... Easy as could be. This is by far the easiest lifestyle change I have ever made... Thanks Mark...

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    Awesome progress mate. Keep us all posted on future updates...